Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me: 28 December 2020: Virat supports Sayi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me_ 28th December 2020

Pakhi continues to think about Virat and Sai being content with each other. She can not fall asleep. Sai brings Virat’s green tea and tells him it will help him digest it. Virat tells us we’re going to speak with an admission counselor tomorrow. He asks her to keep all her records properly. Virat says that no one is equal to Kamal sir.

Sai tells me that I know my dad better than you. You have several comparisons to him. Pakhi is on the terrace, watching Virat and Sayi. Virat tells me that I didn’t know you’d miss me that much. Sai tells me that I’m crazy because you broke your vow.

Virat continues to harass her about missing him. Virat asks for a file to review her documents and brings her to the bed. She hands him a file and asks him to check it out. Sai assures her that all the records are right.

Virat imitates her, telling her to try her out. She forgot her photo of the passport size. Virat advises her to catch it. She informs him that she’s not got one. He tells her she could have lost her admission; how could she be so reckless, he scolds her. Sai starts crying; Virat gives her a handkerchief and tells her that tomorrow we’re going to get a photo clicked and get admission done. When you have a solution, Sai tells her why you keep scolding me. Virat says sorry to her and promises not to scold her again.

In the morning, Pakhi meets Bhavani, and Bhavani tells her to come whenever she wants. Pakhi informs Samrat’s office that he has sent a letter demanding his money. Pakhi informs me that I have no right to have this money and sends Bhavani a note. Bhavani says the entire world loves the moonlight, but the moon is unaware of it, but both are actually from each other and are the same after marriage.

Come with me, Bhavani says, I’ll take you to Virat, he’ll take you to the office of Samrat. Sai gets ready, and Virat, stunned, looks at her. They keep contending. Ashwini asks Pakhi where she was. Bhavani asks her to look for her lawless daughter.

Karishma tells Virat there’s no use waiting. Ninad tells me that I’m mad at Virat, that he’s ignoring his duty. Bhavani informs Virat that there is something about money in a letter from Samrat’s office. She asks Virat to visit the headquarters of the army and learn about the formalities. Today, Virat informs everyone that admission therapy Isai’s. Ashwini says that he can at least eat something.

Bhavani tells Ashwini that from before he knew it. Ninad informs Virat that he can speak alone. After returning, Virat tells me that I can’t wait to talk. Does Ninad tell him you don’t want to obey the rules of this house? What did I do, Virat asks? Until yesterday, your pride was yours. Ninad tells you, and you’ve been my guilt and stress ever since you married Sai.

What did I do, Virat asks? Ninad informs you that your duty is no longer a serious matter. In between, you left your brother’s marriage to do your duty. How do you so casually take the marriage away? Virat informs me that I have fulfilled my obligation. Omi says I warned you about Gadchiroli. Everyone now understands this threat. Virat tells me that I’m not going to take Sai on a trip and that I’m going to take her to work. Pakhi discusses what the admission process for lunch entails. Virat tells her what’s going wrong with it.

Virat says that I’m going now. After returning, we can talk. Bhavani asks Virat to talk honestly about whether or not he wants to obey the law of this house? Sonali asks: Did he get permission from the elders or speak to them? Virat informs Bhavani herself that Virat had assumed Sai’s obligation to make her a doctor. Ninad scolds Ashwini. Virat advises Ninad not to scold her in front of everyone like this. Bhavani informs Sai that he can’t be admitted to medical school.

Precap:- Ashwini asks Bhavani to study with Sayi. Bhavani says Chavan Nivas’s daughter-in-law didn’t go to college or work after marriage, so Sai doesn’t go either and throws Sai’s papers.