Kumkum Bhagya 25 December 2020: Riya revealed the truth to Prachi

The episode started with Riya approaching Aryan’s room looking for Ranbir and heard Prachi and Ranbir’s voices. The door was locked from outside, so she ignored it and went downstairs. There she saw Shahana sitting alone and realized Prachi and Ranbir must be inside the room.

Aryan came and asked Sahana if Prachi and Ranbir talked? But when he came to know that Shahana had locked them inside the room to not come out without sorting the things out, he got worried. He told Shahana that she shouldn’t have done this. Ranbir is drunk, and he won’t realize what he is saying. Shahana couldn’t understand.

Aryan told her that Ranbir is disturbed because today is his roka with Riya. Then he explained to her under what circumstances Ranbir was forced to do so. He said Prachi would be shattered to know the truth, but Ranbir is helpless. Shahana said we must not let this happen, and they both ran towards the room.

In the next scene, Prachi and Ranbir were talking to each other. Prachi asked if he loves her, then why is he ignoring her? Won’t she be hurt?

Ranbir remembered every incident which compelled him to sacrifice his love. His eyes were full of tears.

Meanwhile, Riya was looking for Ranbir like anything. Shahana and Aryan were running towards Aryan’s room.

Ranbir said, “I love you a lot. I don’t care what people think of our love. Whether we are together or not, you will always be in my heart. The world is cruel and will snatch our love.” Then he got unconscious and fell on the bed. In an attempt to save him, Prachi also fell upon him; Riya opened the room the very next moment and shouted at her.

“How dare you touch my Ranbir?” Riya was furious. Despite the fact that Prachi explained to her that Ranbir was drunk and trying to help him, Riya accused her of taking advantage of Ranbir’s intoxication to marry him quickly.

Prachi told Riya that she has a low mentality. Then she told her about her engagement with Ranbir. Riya asked if anybody knows about it? Then she said, “Our wedding has been fixed officially, and our roka will take place after Dad and Meera aunty’s engagement. Prachi said my Ranbir couldn’t do this as we are already engaged. Then Riya asked her about any proof of it, but Prachi had no answer. She kept quiet.

Riya continued. Ranbir was getting bored, so he did it just for entertainment. We throw a tissue after using it, but people like you use it and keep it in your pocket. Then she asked Prachi to leave. She ran out of the room, crying.

Shahana told Riya that Ranbir said yes to you because of his mother’s health issue. Riya didn’t believe her. She said Aryan must have narrated this story to you. Ranbir has loved me since he had not even met Prachi, and today when our love has been accepted officially, we don’t want any middle-class girl to come between us.

The weather changed suddenly.

The weather changed, and a thunderstorm occurred. Aliya got worried that it might interrupt the power supply and rushed to instruct the party organizers. Sarita Ji asked dadi if she was ok? Dadi said no one is happy. Abhi is helpless. We all are heartbroken, and whenever a heart is broken, God also cries because he cannot change destiny. This rain is a symbol of it.

In the next scene, Prachi was seen bursting into tears. Abhi and Pragya were also experiencing pain.

Aryan supported Prachi:

Riya was waiting for Ranbir to get conscious so that she can ask him what Prachi was doing with him? Aryan supported Prachi and said, you misunderstand her. Riya said I agree that Ranbir should not have drunk but why Prachi tried to take advantage of that? Aryan said the only mistake Prachi made today is to respond to Ranbir’s love. She is innocent, and stop accusing her.

Prachi and Pragya recalled past moments.

Prachi recalled exchanging rings with Ranbir and then Riya’s harsh words about her character.

Pragya was reminiscing her best moments with Abhi when he had promised her that he would never remarry even if Pragya is no more. Then she thought I should not have trusted him. He has broken his promise and left me deserted.

Abhi came and asked her why she was upset? She said I am scared of the thunderstorm.” Abhi asked which one? The storm inside you? Pragya asked him to leave her alone. Abhi asked, “Do you remember just like you. I also love this weather?”

“That love has vanished so has the liking.” Replied Pragya and left. Abhi thought today many hearts would cry.

Then Meera came to him and told him that she was not comfortable wearing the necklace. Abhi explained that he did not buy it. The robbers might have put it in our bag while escaping. Please wear this for Riya’s sake, and I will pay to Ramniklal. He also told her to gift it to someone if she wants.

Meanwhile, Goga called the robbers and asked them to enter from the backdoor.

Shahana consoled Prachi:

Prachi was crying outside when Shahana came to her. She asked her to come inside. Prachi said she wouldn’t because Riya and her friends will mock her that she won’t tolerate it. Had Ranbir loved her, he would never have left her like this. Shahana said, if anybody sees you crying like this, what will they think? Shahana encouraged her, wiped her tears, and took her inside.

Robbers started executing their plan!

Amidst this, robbers entered Mehra Mansion. Their dresses were ready. Goga asked one robber to dress up as a waiter and another as a guest. They planned that Goga would mix pills in Meera’s drink just before the engagement, and she will faint. Then the robber pretending to be a guest will offer help claiming to be a doctor, and they will take her to a room to get the necklace.

When Riya and Aryan were trying to bring Ranbir to consciousness, Aliya came and took Riya with her saying Bhai is getting engaged just because of you. You must be there. Aryan will take care of Ranbir.

Sarita Ji tried to convince Pragya of Abhi’s love.

Sarita Ji asked Pragya if this was the home she came after marrying Abhi? Pragya said no, but it was just like this. However, because of Daljeet dadi, the atmosphere was lively. She was a link between Abhi and me. That link is broken after her demise. Sarita Ji said, because you have a misunderstanding that Abhi doesn’t love you anymore. Then Pragya asked Sarita Ji about Prachi and Shahana. She replied they might be fearing to see this thunderstorm. The episode ended.


Shahana makes Ranbir realize his mistake. She says if Prachi has chosen you, then you are lucky. Ranbir is in a dilemma because he cannot put her mother’s health at stake.

How will Pragya and Prachi bear the pain?

Will Ranbir be able to save his love?

What problems will the robbers bring to Abhi’s home?

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