Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me: 24th December 2020: Virat takes leave of one day for Sayi results.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me_ 24th December 2020

Sayi proceeded with her story. Virat says that she should stop her stories and sleep now. She speaks up that she cannot sleep because she is excited to see the result. Virat says that he knows what will be the result. She excitedly inquires of what will be the result. He tells them she will clear the entrance exam.

She says that he reminds her of Aba. He says that he and Kamal sir have one common habit; they both think good for her. She says she used to go to the school to check the results in Gadchiroli. But now, how would she review the results without a laptop as he would be in the office tomorrow. He says that he will take a leave of one day and check his results. She madly asks it is possible.

He replies that if he is on leave, the criminals of Nagpur won’t be on the streets; he tells her to sleep now and pray to God for her better results.

The next morning, Ninad and Omkar are waiting for Pakhi’s tea. Pakhi brings tea. Bhavani says that they missed her tea more than her. Saloni greets them and tells Pakhi that she too needs a cup of tea and says that Sai will not enter the kitchen as Pakhi returns. Karishma goes towards the door. Saloni says that she is going outside and will tell on after she returns. Bhavani says that a spoiled fruit spoils the entire tree, pointing towards Sayi; she should not return if she goes out.

Saloni says that she is not a solitary MIL like Ashwini ordering her DIL to do whatever she likes, and says to go to the kitchen and help Pakhi in the kitchen. Karishma angrily steps towards the kitchen when Mohit watches her and inquires if she hasn’t gone out. Karishma says that Sayi can leave without permission; she needs to learn a lesson from Sayi. Mohit remarks and leaves.

Bhavani does not see Virat at the breakfast table and asks Pakhi to go to his room and see if he is alright? Pakhi replies about how she can go. Ashwini comments that the husband’s whereabouts should be asked from the wife and not from the others.

Bhavani yells at her and tells Pakhi to go and check again. Pakhi says that if she goes there, Say will hurt the feelings of her again, so she won’t go there to see Virat. Sai walks down and stands up, panicked. Pakhi says that she saw the light of Virat’s room lighting late at night. Ashwini asks why she was seeing in Virat’s room.

Pakhi says that she has a habit of reading the book till late at night. Bhavani yells that Sayi must have kept Virat awake with her unnecessary talks. Ashwini shakes Sai and says that Vahini is saying something. Bhavani repeats, and Sayi says that Virat is not a kid and knows when to sleep and wake up.

Ninad shouts at her for behaving with Vahini. Ashwini says that Say is right. Virat walks down. Bhavani inquires that if he is fine, why did he not go on duty? Virat says that he is fine and is waiting for the good news.

Sunny enters and asks Virat why he did not participate in the football match; they lose by one goal. Virat reiterates that he is waiting for the result, but not his, of Sai results. Say, and Ashwini eagerly asks what happened. He says that Sayi is on the list of the top 10 and topped Maharashtra.

Sayi and Ashiwani hug each other after Shivani, leaving Bhavani and her puppets. Sayi, thanks, Bappa. Pakhi also thanks Bappa and expects Sayi to leave this house soon after becoming a doctor. She congratulates Sayi and asks Virat if he is proud of Say. Virat says that he is experiencing as if he has passed the IPS exam once again. Karishma and Sunny also congratulated Sayi.

Ninad asks why Virat took leave to check the results. Ashwini says that he did right and tells Sai to take the blessings of the elders.

Sayi first goes to Ninad and says to him to bless him. He tries to shoo her away and yells, but Sai forcefully takes his blessing. She then takes the blessings of Bhavani, Saloni, and Omkar and then seeks blessings from others. The play continues. Virat says that she forgot to take his blessings and showed his feet.

Precap: Bhavani notices Virat taking Sayi out and inquires of where he is going with his wife. Virat replies I’m taking her for college admission. Bhavani said her family women do not go out and study further. Pakhi says that she, too, followed this rule. Sai says that she will become a doctor and fulfill Aba’s dream.