Imlie: Mithi comes to Delhi

As the episode begins, Anu is yelling at everyone as Malini’s Mehandi is ruined. Aparna says that Imlie is not well. Anu asks Aparna, “you care for this servant more than my daughter?”.

Aditya remembers that Imlie drunk the glass of juice. He tells Anu that the juice was brought from their side. Anu says, “ what do you mean by this? I did it ?”. Aditya says, “Tripathi’s don’t drink.” Aditya says that the drunk had some alcohol mixed in it. Everybody is shocked to hear this.

Aparna asks Aditya, “what are you saying?”. Shashank comes there with a glass of juice in his hand. Shashank says, “ what happened?”. Malini asks Shashank, “did you mix alcohol in juice?”. Shashank says, “it was just for fun.” Malini scolds Shashank. She says, “ it’s a crime to give someone alcohol without their permission.”

Shashank says it was just for fun. Dev scolds Shashank. He tells Shashank to apologize to Tripathi’s. Shashank says sorry to everyone. Dev tells Shashank to say sorry to Imlie. Shashank says sorry to Imlie. Anu says that her daughter’s Mehandi is ruined. Imlie goes near Malini. She says, “I ruined your Mehandi.

I will correct it.” Nidhi tells Imlie to take a rest. Imlie tells Malini, “give me one more chance to correct your Mehandi.” Imlie starts applying Mehandi on Malini’s hand. Twinkle and Sunny start applying Mehandi on Aditya’s hand. Everyone enjoys the function.

As Imlie finishes her work, Malini notices the unique design made by Imlie. Malini appreciates Imlie and says,” I never saw such a unique design before.” Nidhi and Rupali also appreciate Imlie. While applying Mehandi on Malini’s hand, some Mehandi leaves its color on Imlie’s hand. Malini says that her Mehandi left its color on Imlie’s hand. Malini says, “there is a possibility that Imlie will get married soon.”

Imlie remembers her marriage and gets emotional. Imlie goes from there. As Imlie goes into her room, she starts crying. She remembers how she used to get on the top of the water tank to see the sunrise. She talks to herself and says, “I never thought I would have a fear of sunrise.”

She says, “ tomorrow is my last day in this house.” Imlie hears some footsteps, and she pretends to sleep. Aditya comes there. He asks Imlie, “are you asleep?”. Imlie says that she was asleep. Imlie gets up and sits on the bed. Aditya tells her that he always scolds her. Aditya says, “ it was all a mistake of my fortune.

Tomorrow is your last day in this house”. He says, “ tomorrow, I will be marrying at this time, but my staff member will go with you.” Imlie says, “my mother used to say, God is always right.” Aditya wishes Imlie all the best for her future and says “I believe, you will create your identity one day.” Aditya tells Imlie “Don’t tell anyone that you are going.” Aditya says “ you should sleep now.”

Aditya goes from there. As Aditya goes out of Imlie’s room, he asks Twinkle and Sunny, “ what did you both draw on my hands?”. Twinkle says that it’s a fruit named Tamarind. Sunny says that he drew Tamarind on Aditya’s hand. Aditya becomes sad as he is trying to go away from Imlie. Aditya says to himself, “ I believe that only Malini is my partner.” Next morning, Mithi arrives in Delhi along with Satyakam.

As Imlie gets up in the morning, she realizes it’s her last day in the house. Imlie becomes very sad. Imlie talks to herself and says, “I will miss everyone very much.” Malini wakes up, and she realizes that today is her marriage. She feels very happy and looks at her wedding dress. She says, “ today will be my first day at my new house.”

Tauji calls Imlie and asks her to bring tea. He says that Imlie is not studying for the last two days. Sundar goes near Tauji and gives him a cup of tea. Tauji says, “Every day Imlie brings my morning tea.” Imlie is watching Tauji. She thinks, “ once again, I have to leave my studies.” A servant is passing from there with a big poster.

Imlie sees the poster. It’s a poster of Malini and Aditya in their wedding outfits. Aditya asks Dhruv, “ why you got the poster?”. Rupali says, “ We got the poster for your wedding.” Aditya says, “ there was no need for it.” Dhruv asks Aditya to come with him. Nidhi tells Imlie, “ put the poster safely and then, come with us.”

Imlie is sitting in her room. She feels very sad as she has to go today. Imlie starts packing her things. She remembers her marriage and her mother. As Imlie is packing her clothes, she finds her wedding saree. She gets sadder. She remembers her wedding rituals. Aparna comes there. Apana notices the saree.

She takes the saree from Imlie. Aparna says, “ whose saree is this ?”. Aparna says that the saree is very beautiful. She says it looks like a heavy wedding saree of some girl. Aparna asks, “ is it your saree Imlie? Imlie says nothing. Aparna says, “ this saree is much more beautiful than the saree I bought for you.” Aparna tells Imlie to wear that saree to Aditya’s wedding. Imlie feels very sad.