Kumkum Bhagya: Ranbir plans to break up with Prachi

When Pragya got Abhi’s wedding card, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She was shocked.

Abhi asked, why are you, surprise? You kept on insisting on this, so I made my mind accordingly.

Pragya tried to say something, “I felt today….” Abhi interrupted, “What were you expecting? A courier boy instead of me? I know you hate my face! But it is the last time.”

“Thanks a lot, Mr Mehra! I could never imagine that you would replace me so easily, and will come with such a precious gift for me.” Pragya was sarcastic. Abhi said, because you are special. Pragya taunted that you know very well how to degrade people?

“Will you come Pragya Ji?” This time Abhi was sarcastic. He then asked her if she was happy? Pragya said, “Of course! And you will realise my happiness when I will dance at your wedding.” Abhi said, “You might not wait till that day. Why don’t you perform in my engagement tomorrow?”

Abhi continued, “In the hotel, you said that you would like to attend my wedding.” Pragya said, “I will be more than happy.” Abhi put on glasses so that Pragya can not see him cry. Then he said, “Good! I will wait for you. Will you please excuse me now?” And he came out of the house. Prachi ran after him shouting, papa! While Pragya was devastated and went towards her room. Sarita Ji saw all this.

Abhi held Pragya, Prachi, and Riya responsible for his decision!

Prachi asked him, papa, how can you do this to my mom? She waited for you to come back. Abhi cross-questioned, “Why she waited for me to come? Why couldn’t she come instead? I searched for you both incessantly but couldn’t get any clue. She could have easily found me on the internet. Did she bother to do that? No! because she never wanted that. So never blame me for anything.”

He continued, “I am getting married because of Pragya.” He blamed Prachi and Riya too for this, got inside the car, and left.

Meanwhile, Pragya was continuously staring at the card and recalling Abhi’s words, “Pragya Ji, will you come?”

While there, Abhi was also distracted. After driving a while, he got down his car, recalled Pragya’s words that she would be happy to attend the wedding.

Pragya tore the card. Abhi threw his wallet in, which had Pragya’s photo, and started driving again. Pragya burnt the card to ashes. She was crying, and so was Abhi. He soon stopped, got out, and started looking for the wallet again. He was relaxed to find it. He kissed it too and started driving again. They both were lost. Pragya was seen throwing the ashes out of the window.

Amidst this, Prachi was talking to Sarita Ji and Shahana. Prachi asked Sarita Ji, “You were saying that papa loves me, but he held me and Riya responsible for this.”

Sarita Ji tried to explain to her that yes! Abhi does love you. He loves Pragya and Riya, but he is not destined to be with the people he loves. There are many misunderstandings between you and Riya. Whenever you both meet, you argue.

Prachi said, “Riya is a spoilt brat.” Sarita Ji said, even you do react and answer her in her tone.” Prachi was still refusing that their misunderstanding can be the main or only reason for this. Sarita Ji said, “Why not! How come Abhi and Pragya stay together when you and Riya are not willing to stay under one roof?”

Prachi thought maa must be aware of the exact reason. Moreover, she must be deeply hurt. I should talk to her.

Riya was unhappy with Abhi inviting Pragya:

At Abhi’s home, Meera was in the “Adarsh Bahu” mode, taking care of everyone. Aliya said, “Your time is changing. Now you don’t need to listen to the orders. You can order instead. Why do you need to do all this?”I like doing this for my family.” Replied Meera. Though Aliya asked Meera to change herself, she was happy that a lady like Meera can never be so dominating to challenge her authority ever. She thought whatever Meera is doing, goes in my favor.

Then entered Abhi. They all wanted to know about that critical person who was invited first to make arrangements accordingly. But Abhi revealed that it was Pragya, he wanted to invite first. He asked Meera to take care of her. Meera said, yes. At first, they all were not happy with Abhi’s decision, but Abhi explained that he doesn’t want Pragya to have false hopes or misunderstandings. Aliya also started advocating his decision and convinced everyone, especially Riya. She said, “If Pragya comes here, she will be able to realise that she is no longer a part of this family. She will not try to exert her rights. Moreover, you can also show Prachi that you also have a loving and caring mother like Meera.” She then diverted the topic by talking about preparations and selecting dresses for the engagement.

Her conversation continued with Mitali when everyone left the room. Mitali was also supporting Pragya’s visit, but then Aliya changed her stand. She said, “I lied to convince Meera and Riya, but the truth is whenever Bhai and Pragya meet, I get anxious because they still love each other. Even if she comes, I will make sure that she remains away from Bhai. I will have to bring Meera closer to him.

Prachi tried to find out the exact reason for Abhi’s wedding:

When Prachi came in, Pragya started generally behaving as if nothing happened. Prachi said, “You must be hurt.” Pragya replied, Why Should I? Prachi said, because papa is getting married. “I am happy. It doesn’t affect me anymore.” Pragya responded.

Then Prachi said, since childhood, you have told me that my papa is the best father in this world, and he is a respectable person. Pragya said, “Of course! He is the best father but now our relationship is over. Your father has always been like this. Sometimes he used to get angry and sometimes used to be a loving person. Sometimes he can’t decide what he wants.” Then Pragya diverted the topic and told Prachi that they have to select the best dress for this event.

Dadi felt helpless!!!

Dadi came to meet Pragya. She requested her to stop Abhi from getting married. Pragya said, “No dadi! Let him start afresh. For how long one can stick to the past?” Dadi said I would make efforts till the time I can fulfill Dallo’s dream. Just imagine how badly hurt her soul would be with all this.

Pragya said, either you are late, or Abhi is in a hurry. I won’t be able to do anything now. When dadi was about to swear her upon Dallo, Pragya requested her not to do so. She continued, “We are like two banks of a river thus can never meet.” When dadi asked if she was happy? Pragya said Abhi was so happy that he came personally to invite me. I have also told him that I will come and dance at his wedding.

Dadi was crying and left the room hopelessly. Prachi overheard this conversation.

Pallavi was adamant:

In the next scene, Ranbir was seen taking care of Pallavi. She realized and said only a few parents have a son like you. Ranbir smiled and said, don’t be a filmy mom. Now please go to sleep. They wished a good night to each other.

When Ranbir was sitting alone, Aryan came, and they started a chit-chat.

Ranbir also realized that when he will break up with Prachi, she will be deeply affected, and it will hurt him eventually. Anger is momentary, but the pain is everlasting. Aryan couldn’t get it. Ranbir explained that he would not tell Prachi about the exact reason for this breakup. Else, she will have a negative image of my mom. When Aryan asked what he was planning to do, Ranbir said he would create such a circumstance that Prachi starts hating him and distance herself from him. At least she will not get hurt.

Aryan asked Ranbir if he was mad? Ranbir said, “I am helpless. There is no other way to deal with it. I can neither hurt my mom nor hurt Prachi.” Pallavi listened to this conversation secretly.

She was very distressed and told Vikram everything. She realized that Ranbir is very obedient, and she was not just with him. “I could sense his agony. How will he manage after brake up?” Said Pallavi.

Vikram suggested everything will be sorted out if Ranbir marries Prachi. He insisted Pallavi to let him do so.

The moment she heard this, she shouted at Vikram, “Have you gone mad?” How can I let him go away from me?” Vikram said this can happen even if he marries Riya. Pallavi said, “Riya is different. Don’t you remember what Aliya said about Pragya? The day Pragya came into Abhi’s life, she ruined everything. She is very dominating. Prachi is Pragya’s daughter. I don’t want Ranbir to dance to her tune.

Despite the fact that Vikram tried to persuade her a lot, Pallavi was adamant.

Abhi; still in a dilemma:

Riya got a dress for Abhi in the morning and said, I want you to look exceptional on your engagement. She was cheerful as she was eagerly waiting for this day. She had so many plans for today and was loaded with work. On the other hand, Abhi was in a dilemma. He thought, how can I get married when Pragya is still there? I love her so much. Then he thought he loves Riya too, but Pragya and Prachi are also a part of his life. He was very much confused. The episode ended with this scene.


Pragya and Prachi come to Mehra Mansion, dressed beautifully. When Pragya introduces Prachi as Abhi’s daughter, Aliya interrupts and says, bhai is your ex-husband. Pragya retaliates. Abhi and Pragya come close, and Abhi again asks if she is not ok with the marriage, she must speak about it.

With Abhi’s wedding coming close, the drama is getting intensified. Will dadi or Prachi be able to do something? How will Ranbir break up with Prachi? Will Pallavi change her mind? Stay connected for these updates.