Imlie creates a big mess

Imlie notices that Twinkle is going to have tea. Imlie remembers Twinkle is diabetic. She runs fast and goes near Twinkle. Imlie throws the cup and scolds Twinkle. Aparna and other family members hear the sound of the cup breaking. They all gather in the hall.

Rupali scolds Twinkle and says, “I told you tea is not for children. Imlie says that Twinkle should be punished as she has made mistakes. Rupali punishes Twinkle. Aparna asks Imlie, “why you threw the cup?”. Imlie says that she doesn’t trust Sundar. He might have mixed too much sugar in the tea.

Tauji pours some tea in a cup and tastes it. He tells Imlie that tea is delicious. Nidhi and Rupali also taste tea. Everyone likes the tea made by Sundar. Sundar says that he had worked in a hotel before. He always tastes anything before serving it.

Sundar remembers the time when Imlie mixed extra sugar in tea. Nidhi gives Imlie punishment as she broke the cup. Imlie and Twinkle are punished together. Imlie notices that Aditya is coming. She suddenly starts exercising with Twinkle. Aditya notices her weird behavior. Aditya calls Sundar for tea.

Aditya goes into the kitchen, and he pours some tea in a cup. As he tastes the tea, he spits the tea. Sundar comes there. Aditya tells Sundar, “why you mixed this much sugar in tea?”. As Sundar is about to take Imlie’s name, imlie comes there.

Imlie tells Aditya that Sundar failed in the Tea test. Sundar tries to tell Aditya the truth, but Imlie interrupts him. She tells Aditya that she will make tea for him. Aditya tells Sundar to accept his mistake. He says that Imlie is a fool, but she can make a good cup of tea. Aditya goes from there. Imlie and Sundar argue with each other. In the hall, Rupali is teaching the children. Imlie is also studying near Tauji.

Taiji comes there. She asks tauji, “where can we get the best honey?”. Tauji funnily answers, “in honey’s shop.” Taiji tells tauji to bring the best honey. Tauji says that he can’t recognize good quality and bad quality honey. Aparna tells tauji that Aditya’s wedding functions will start soon.

She is thinking about making some sweets that Aditya likes. Tauji tells her to make sweets for everyone’s choice. Sundar comes there. He says that he will help Tauji in choosing the best honey. Imlie starts arguing with Sundar. She says that Sundar should call tauji “sir.” She says that she will go with Tauji and help him in choosing the best honey. As Imlie and Sundar are arguing. Pankaj tells Sundar to wash clothes.

He says that Imlie will go with Tauji. Imlie teases Sundar by saying, “go and wash the clothes.” Aditya comes there. Aditya tells Aparna that he won’t be able to help her today. Aparna asks him, “why.” He says that he will meet a chief chef with Anu. He further adds that he is feeling like a postman.

Aparna tells Aditya, “why are you getting irritated?”. She says that Aditya has stopped smiling. She tells him that She also calls Malini for wedding works. Malini never gets irritated. She tells Aditya to learn from Malini. Aditya tells Aparna that he will try to smile. At Chaturvedi’s house, Dev tells Aditya that the Chef is a very important person. Aditya asks Anu and Dev to sit comfortably in the backseat of the car.

Anu taunts Aditya by saying they have many cars. She says that Aditya and Malini can choose a card for them. Aditya tells her that he will go on the bike with Malini. Malini says that she likes the bike more than a car.

Tauji and Imlie go to buy honey and vegetables in the big market. Tauji asks Imlie to buy the vegetables. He tells her that he is going to walk. Imlie stops him. She tells him that she will not give him a chance to smoke. As tauji and Imlie go near a vegetable shop, imlie asks the price of Ladysfinger.

The shopkeeper replies 80/kg. Imlie gets angry about this. She asks him, “is your vegetable educated?”. Tauji tries to calm Imlie. Imlie goes near another shop and asks about the price of the vegetable. The shopkeeper says 75/kg. Imlie starts arguing with that shopkeeper. Imlie asks about the price of vegetables in many shops. She starts arguing with all the shopkeepers. Tauji tries to stop her. She keeps on saying that she knows the real price of vegetables.

The shopkeepers get angry with her. They tell Imlie to get out of the market. Tauji calms Imlie. He asks her to bring some snacks for all family members. He tells her that he is going to buy honey. Tauji goes to a honey shop. He asks the shopkeeper for the best quality honey. He tells him that the honey will be used for making sweets.

The shopkeeper tries to make him a fool. He says that he has the best quality of honey. He shows a jar to Tauji and says that it’s the best honey. Tauji asks its price. The shopkeeper says that it’s costly and it costs 2300. Tauji tells him to pack the honey.

Imlie comes there. She tells the shopkeeper that the honey is not good. She tastes some honey. She tells tauji that it’s sugar syrup, not honey. She opens the jar and pours the honey out of the jar. The shopkeeper goes into the market, and he tells everyone about Imlie. All the shopkeepers start arguing with Imlie and Tauji. They start asking for money.

Meanwhile, Aditya, Dev, and Malini are passing from there. Aditya notices the traffic near the market. He stops there and goes inside the market to know the matter. He finds Imlie there. Imlie takes Tauji’s phone. She starts making a video of the shopkeepers. She tells them that she knows a journalist and she will send the video to him.

She says that Aditya is a journalist and her perfect friend. She says that Aditya will write news on them and their frauds. The shopkeepers say sorry and ask Imlie to delete the video.