Kumkum Bhagya: Police reached the showroom

In the beginning, we saw Meera coming out, hoping that Mr. Mehra and Riya had managed to flee. She searched for Abhi’s car and felt relieved when it was seen nowhere.

Then she got a call from Aliya. While explaining the situation, she panicked as she saw the car and rushed to go inside.

Aliya asked her to stay there while she informs the police. However, upon calling, she realized that a team with the best officer has already been sent and robbers will be caught soon.

The introductory scene of the police officer ‘Saho’ was typical yet quite dramatic. The road was blocked for a politician’s rally. He lectured the constable on duty there and got the road clear. His accompanying constable was also in style.

Pragya tried to convince Ramniklal to give the key:

Pragya asked the robber not to hurt Prachi as she knows where the key is. Abhi thought, “Why she has to lie when she has no clue about it?”

The robber said, “Ok! I will not harm her, but give me the key.” She then said, “It is not with me.” Robbers lost their patience.

Pragya asked if it is a joke to kill someone just for a mere piece of jewelry?

The robber said, “You don’t know the worth of it,” and pressurized her to tell about the key.

Pragya replied, “All right, I will tell you about the key but I need to talk to Ramniklal in person first.” However, he was not willing to talk to her, fearing the robbers may kill him.

He finally agreed when Abhi lured him, saying he would invest a considerable amount in his showroom and do promotional activities.

Abhi continued, “If u don’t agree, I will reveal the truth as the girl held at the gunpoint is my daughter and I can go up to any extent for her. You are concerned only for your life but I am thinking of saving everyone.” Abhi’s concern touched Prachi for her.

Ramniklal thought that he would become the target if the robbers find out that he has the key. So he bit the bullet. He went with Pragya.

Though Pragya pleaded a lot, he didn’t agree to hand over the key. He said, “Mr Mehra was right. If we give them the key, they will have no reason to leave us alive.”

“He was wrong!” Yelled Pragya at him.

Pragya said, “Either you listen to me or I will tell them that you have the key.”

Abhi also came there while this conversation was going on and tried to persuade her. Pragya said, “Don’t interfere!” Abhi said, “With this attitude, we will not be able to handle this.”

Meanwhile, Ramniklal took advantage of the distraction caused by a robber coming there and managed to run outside. While chasing him, that robber also came out and saw the police, though he got inside immediately.

To create more drama, the police officer started praising himself. “Don’t worry! I will handle everything.” Said Saho with full confidence. He also started enquiring about the number of staff and hostages inside. His constable kept singing the same tune.

There, Abhi and Pragya were indulged in a heated argument and blame game of holding each other responsible for the chaos. When Abhi addressed Prachi as “Our daughter,” Pragya rectified “My daughter!” Abhi got more irritated with her response.

Then a robber took them with him.

Shahana was in full form seeing Prachi in danger. She started lecturing the robbers. “You all seem fit and fine. Work hard to earn money. Why do you opt for the crime?”

Shahana continued, “Since you have guns, you are pretending do be mighty but you are cowards indeed.” A robber shouted and came near her. Sarita Ji apologized on her behalf.

Riya spoiled the plan!!!

The robber chasing Ramniklal came inside and informed about the movements of the police. He was afraid to see officer Saho.

When they started threatening to kill them all, Riya got petrified and spilled out everything. “Why are we supposed to possess the key? We do not. It must be with Ramniklal. When you got us all here he had already hidden it.” Said Riya. Abhi and Pragya knew that it was a grave mistake.

Sarita Ji and others reacted the same way that Riya has put us all in danger.

Riya started crying when she realized what she had done.

Now Riya was the new target.

A robber asked her to go outside and get the key from Ramniklal else he will shoot Abhi.

Pragya intervened, “Let me go!” Robber denied saying, “You are smart. You will indeed create a problem for us. He then asked Prachi to go out else to be ready for Abhi’s death.

Abhi said that he would go instead of Prachi. The robber knowing how significant his presence was, didn’t allow this. They sent Prachi outside forcefully.

Meanwhile, the media also gathered. They started asking questions and accusing police, then Saho challenged them to go inside and execute the rescue operation.

When they turned a deaf ear, Saho reacted, “Let us do our duty.” A lady said our coverage would not impact your plan. They are robbers and not terrorists to have surveillance here.”

The entry of a suspicious man!

In the next scene, we saw a suspicious man in a dark room, sitting on a chair with a glass in his hand. Nothing more than this was shown, yet it was evident that he was commanding those robbers.

Meanwhile, the police were about to go inside.

When Meera requested him to save Abhi and Riya, Saho replied that we would save everyone trapped inside. I hope that they do not take advantage of Abhi being inside.” He continued.

Prachi appeared when they were all set to go inside and explained everything to them.

Ramniklal was still hesitating to tell about the key but agreed to co-operate when Saho forced him. “It is under a box in the antique jewelry room.” He revealed.

Saho asked Prachi to repeat this to the robbers and not to get afraid. Prachi moved inside.

Everyone was waiting for Prachi desperately. The suspicious man, Goga, called them again and asked about the necklace. He threatened, “It is either I will get the necklace, or I will kill you all.”

Ranbir was determined to save Prachi:

Aliya, Ranbir, and Aryan also reached there. Ranbir was hell-bent on going inside because he was worried for Prachi and was unwilling to listen to the police.

The tension was increasing inside, and then Prachi came. She told them about the key. They were about to take Prachi with them to ensure that no one acted smart; however, they finally took Abhi with them. The episode ended here.


Pragya is trying to console both Prachi and Riya. She says I know Abhi very well. He will do anything to save us. Sarita Ji explains to Pragya that it will take some time to get things typical between them.

Will Ranbir be able to go inside?

What will the robbers do after getting the necklace?

Will the police be able to nab them on time? Let’s wait for the next episode to know all this.