Imlie 16th December: Aditya tells Malini the truth

As the episode begins, Imlie is murmuring in herself inside the kitchen. Dev goes near Imlie. As Imlie is angry, she asks Dev, “why he came there?”.

Dev tells her that once he went to Pagdandiya, he knows some people. Dev asks Imlie about her mother’s name. Suddenly, Imlie becomes angry. Tauji comes there and asks her, “what happened?”. Imlie tells him that Dev asks him about her mother’s name. Tauji asks her to tell her mother’s name.

On this, she says that if anyone speaks their mother’s name in front of an unknown person in their village, it may cause harm to their mother. Dev tells her that it’s a lie. Nothing like this happens. But Imlie tells him that she believes in it and she has only one mother. Tauji tells her to bring the wedding cards.

Tauji tells Dev that Imlie and her anger is different. Dev replies to Tauji by saying she is very loving. In the hall, Imlie brings the cards. Dev says that the cards are wonderful. A servant brings the wedding cards from Malini’s side. Tripathi’s are s little shocked to see the expensive card and gifts.

Anu tells Aparna, “it’s good that Tripathi’s cards are for their guests.” She further adds that if she had sent those cards to her guests, her guests might think they are facing financial issues. Dadi tells Anu that money and choice are different things. As Malini and Dev didn’t force their choice on Anu, she should also not force Tripathi’s. Anu replies to Dadi by saying, “you are right. Money and choice are different things”.

She tells Aparna that she had spent a lot on the wedding card. Taiji says that she had also spent a lot. Aparna tells Anu that everything written on the card is the blessings from Tripathi’s to Aditya and Malini.

Aparna asks Imlie to read those poetic lines. Imlie starts reading the lines as “jag m jitni rahein h, sb ek Disha m murti h, Ramji jahan likhte h,taqdeer whi pr jurti h, jo is baat ko n smjhe, mano usne umar gawa di.” Dev praises her by saying, she has written such deep lines at a very young age.

Dadi tells Imlie that she has given the best gift to Aditya and Malini through those lines. Meanwhile, in the coffee shop, Malini is looking at the picture in Aditya’s camera. Aditya tells her that he wanted to tell her the truth for a very long time. Malini looks at a picture and tells Aditya he wanted to tell her about the smiling picture of his and Imlie.

She tells him that Imlie is amazing. Imlie helps the cops catch the Gang, she is loved by all family members, and she also taught Aditya to pose. Aditya tells her that it’s not what he wants to tell her. He tells her that there is a relation between him and Imlie. Malini asks him, “what does he mean?.

He tells her he was in a tough situation, and at gunpoint, he had to marry Imlie. Malini is shocked to hear this. Aditya tells her that he only loves Malini, but it’s the truth. There is a relation between him and Imlie. Malini gets unconscious and falls to the ground.

In Tripathi’s house, taiji asks Imlie to do the rituals for the wedding card. Imlie thinks that why is she trembling. She then decides he will do everything best for Aditya. She does the rituals, and Aparna gives a wedding card to Anu. All the family members congratulate each other, and Chaturvedi’s leave for their home.

Malini is hospitalized. Aditya calls at home. As Imlie picks the call, Aditya asks her to bring his card and read the number. A nurse comes near Aditya and tells him that Malini is conscious now. Aditya goes to meet Malini, and a nurse picks the call. Imlie asks the nurse about the hospital.

As Aditya is going to Meet Malini, a doctor tells Aditya that Malini is emotionally weak and should not give her any emotional tension. Aditya meets Malini. Malini asks him that “was it the truth that he said in the coffee shop?”. Aditya remembers the doctor’s advice and tells Malini that he was joking.

He tells her that he never thought his joke would affect Malini this much. He says that how can someone marry a girl like Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie comes into the hospital, and she goes to Malini’s room. Imlie notices Aditya and Malini inside the room, and he stands near the door.

Aditya tells Malini that he never thought Malini would believe Aditya’s joke. He tells her that his and Imlie’s marriage was a joke, but he notices Imlie standing near the door. He tells Malini about the weird incident that took place in his house due to Imlie. He hugs Malini and tells him that Imlie came with him for work.

She was sent forcefully by the villages with him. He says that she is just like a stone in the shoe. She disturbs him very much. Imlie hears everything, and she becomes despondent.

She sits on a bench nearby and starts crying. Aditya tells her that he is sorry for what he said, but Imlie pretends she didn’t hear anything. She tells him that she came there to give him the wallet. Aditya tells her that he doesn’t want to marry Malini on any lie. But Malini can’t tolerate that truth. He further adds that he can’t tolerate if anything happens to Malini ever.