Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 11th December 2020: The Truth behind Devi’s Condition

When Virat takes her to the room at Ninad’s request, Sayi vents her rage. If she wants to find out Devi’s history, she shouts that’s wrong, how Sayi will hurt Devi Tai, he scolds her for everything, she’s still a family member, repeatedly scolding him and it’s not part of the bargain to manipulate her.

He says she uses the word deal a lot and tells her that it is not part of the deal to intervene in his family problems; he does not want Devi Tai to recall her history and cry. Sayi is curious about what happened to Devi Tai. He says there is none of her company, and there is no use scratching the past. She should not mess with the problems of others.

Sai says she doesn’t want to mess with the problems of others but what’s wrong is that if Devi herself wants to talk about her past, Devi is so innocent that she’s never going to hurt her, she can minimize the pain of Devi Tai if she doesn’t ward it off. Virat is just telling her to do what he says.

Sayi goes to the kitchen, and there she sees Ashwini, Saloni, and Karishma. Ashwini informs her that now she’s going to cut vegetables and prepare meals. Karishma says that then she’ll relax. She asks Ashwini to wash the silver utensils. Saloni says that if they don’t use it at all, why should Karishma wash utensils?

Ashwini says that her Bahu is going to cut vegetables and cook food. Karishma says that they’re going to ask Pakhi because she’s free. Ashwini asks you where she is.

Sayi says that last night she came to their place. Karishma wondered if Sayi was also bothering them with their suhagraat, and she went to take Virat’s headache medication, got mad at them, and left.

Bhavani enters and screams to avoid backbiting and focus on cooking with her saas; Pakhi is sick, so she didn’t come to the kitchen.

Virat hears this passing by and walks to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi, looking at Virat’s photo, gets a warning hearing door knocking. Virat says he heard that she wasn’t well, that she had a headache last night, and that she didn’t take the medication along, so he took medicine, she was supposed to visit the doctor, and he could take her.

She says he’s not going to have to think about her. He’s asking why she said that. She says that when the heart hurts, even the body hurts, she will learn to live with it. Virat says that once he’s there as a friend, he’ll be worried about her; he justifies that whatever she saw last night is not real.

Pakhi jumped on him to see the lizard. She says he’s easily justified. He says she has to believe that Samrat is going to return, and even her happiness is going to return forever.

She claims that she doesn’t think she’ll be happy again. He says that she will, holds the medication, and walks away, asking to take care of herself. She thinks Samrat might be coming back, but her happiness will never be there.

Sayi is preparing and praying for Aaba to pass her test and clear her exam for medical entry. She searches her mark sheet, climbs the chair over the cupboard to select her suitcase, and falls.

On-time, Virat holds her. She’ll become conscious. He wonders if she has not yet fallen asleep. She wonders if he’s not able to see. He wonders why she hasn’t slept there yet. She says she’s not the only one who isn’t sleeping yet. He wonders who else has not been sleeping.

She tells Pakhi Didi and asks him to pick up her purse. He lifts the suitcase and begins to sneeze. She asks if she was supposed to carry medicine from Pakhi’s room as she saw him go to Pakhi’s medicine room. He wonders if she was spying on him. She says there’s no room in various cities for her.

He says Pakhi is unwell, and as a best friend, he went to check on her. She asks why my best friend is insisting on this. He said that he had already told her not to mess with her relationship.

She says she doesn’t mind talking to her all night, but Pakhi doesn’t have to go to her room at night. He’s implying that she seems jealous. If he cries like this, she says, Pakhi will come and ask what happened to Virat, if it’s all okay.

Pakhi goes in and says the same. Sayi claims that she predicted correctly. Pakhi says she saw them fighting, but she came in while Sayi was fighting because she came to her room because of Virat.

Sayi questions why she came to their room at night, arguing with husband and wife, which doesn’t mean a third party will intervene. Pakhi says she’s right.

Sayi says he needs Pakhi to lead her, but she makes mistakes herself. Virat asks her for her tongue regulation. Pakhi says that she has just come to check if everything is fine.

Sayi says that she is sick herself and needs to check on us. Pakhi wonders why she talks rudely here. Virat is telling them to leave. Sayi says both of them are allowed to go out and sleep, not in her room. Pakhi asks Virat not to visit her room from hereon. Otherwise, Sayi will again create a problem.

Pakhi wakes up thinking at midnight whether she talked to Pakhi a lot rudely, then thinks she didn’t; checks the calendar and thinks that only three days are left for her test.

He wakes up and asks what was going on. She claims she has a headache and is not in a fighting mood. She says her war quota for today is done. And she’s holding her head. He’s massaging her head. Her medicine is in Usha’s room, she says. He asks to name the drug, and in the first-aid box, he’ll look for it.

She hopes she can get admitted to a college and transfer to a hostel and get a scholarship to cover the hostels’ fees. He wonders if she’s going to stay at the hostel. She says she doesn’t want to stay here to mess with others’ lives and to repay her money with interest, too.

Virat says what she wants, but with her finger on her lips before then. He has pain balm. 

She says there won’t be anything about it. Virat says shhh, and he adds balm to her brow. She says that it’s a migraine. He says he knows about it and asks her to keep her eyes and mouth shut for a bit.

She notes that Aaba used hot oil to massage her head and explain his case studies. He says Kamal Sir was a great man, and he’s got two stories, too. She’s grinning. He feels that when she smiles, she looks more beautiful. Pakhi is standing on the terrace, remembering her mother’s words. Virat puts Pakhi to sleep and looks through the glass.


Precap: Sayi walks to Usha’s room and asks her to sleep there now because tomorrow they have an essential task. Virat knocks on the door, asking Usha if she had seen Sayi. Usha believes that she is inside. Virat asks her to tell Sayi that this will be her room forever if she sleeps with her tonight.