Imlie 11 December 2020: Imlie in a new look

As the episode begins, Aditya asks Aparna why they are waiting for Imlie. Imlie comes there in a new look, having some makeup. Aditya tells Imlie that she has done too much makeup, but Aparna stops him and says Imli is looking very pretty.

Rupali and Pankaj also agree with Aparna. As everybody has to leave for the Engagement ceremony, Aditya receives a call from the office.

He tells Aparna that his boss has called him and he has to go. Aparna tries to stop him, but he assures her that he will arrive at the engagement at the time. Aditya leaves for office on his bike, and other family members leave for the engagement ceremony. 

As the Tripathi family, together with Imli, arrives at the engagement ceremony, they get shocked by the beautiful decorations and guest welcoming arrangements. They notice the big gifts and the beautiful costly bouquets that the guests were bringing.

Aparna and taiji feel very awkward as their gifts look very small in front of other ‘gifts. Pankaj says that he will clean his shoes at the doormat as dirty shoes can make the hall dirty, but Aparna stops him. Nidhi asks her mother in law that is she looking good. Dev, with his mother, comes there to welcome the Tripathi family.

Aparna touches the feet of Dev’s mother while tauji says sorry for the previous day. Dev says that he also wants to join the special pooja at Tripathi’s house. Anu comes there, and Aparna praises her by saying she has made perfect arrangements. To this, Anu says money is just like magic; everything is possible with money.

Anu orders a servant to take all the Tripathi family’s gifts and put them on a table nearby. As Imlie was going near the Tripathi family, a servant stops her and tells her that all servants are ordered to enter through the back door.

Imlie tells him that she doesn’t work there, so she is a guest, and he should respect her. The servant asks her rudely,” Is this your father’s house ?”. Imlie feels very sad and says yes, it’s her father’s house. She thinks that everybody forgot about her so she should go with her servant.

Dadi asks Aparna about Aditya. Aparna says that Aditiya has to go to the office as he received an important call from his boss. Anu interrupts Aparna and says, once again, Aditya gave more importance to his carrier than Malini.

Malini gets into the matter and tells her mother that Aditya has already informed her about the office. Meanwhile, Aditya is busy in a critical trafficking case. His boss says that he knows Aditya has to go as it’s an important day of his life, but only Aditya can handle the trafficking case. He says he trusts that Aditya will do his work honestly and fearlessly. 

Malini says that it must be important work and Aditya will come back on time. She requests her mother not to argue asAnu has done lovely decorations, and Malini wants to enjoy the day.

Malini touches the feet of her in-laws. Aparna compliments her by saying she is looking beautiful. Rupali also compliments Malini. When Imlie notices Malini and her look, she sees her face in the mirror, and she feels very low compared to Malini.

Malini’s Engagement ceremony begins.

Dev meets Imlie and funnily asks her that she didn’t come with her weapons. To this, Imlie says, has he built his house by doing robberies. Dev thinks that Imlie’s nature is very similar to Mithi.

He thinks as Pangdandiya is not a prominent place, Imlie may know about Mithi. He thinks of asking about Mithi, but Imlie interrupts him and asks how big it is merabagh.

Dev says, why is she asking that. Imlie was about to mention her father, but Anu comes there and asks Dev to come with her. Dev introduces her to Imlie, but she says she has to welcome many guests and asks Imlie to meet her after Malini’s old clothes’ function.

As Malini’s engagement rituals begin, Imlie memorizes her marriage rituals, and she feels very emotional. She runs outside the house and decides that she will find his father. She starts running on the streets, but she isn’t able to cross the road. Two people(goons) watch her, and they come near her.

They ask her, is lost, and she is like a younger sister to them. Imlie tells them that she is searching for her father and asks them how big he is meerabagh. The goons tell her that there is an office which has information about every citizen living there. It is 5-6 kilometers away from that street, and they will drop her there. Imli agrees to go with them.

As the engagement rituals are going, 

Aparnanotices that Imlie is not present in the hall. Aparna asks Rupali about Imlie, but Rupali says she thought Aparna sent Imlie for some work. Aparna then asks Taiji, Nidhibut, nobody has seen her. Tauji asks everyone in the hall about Imlie. A servant comes there and says that he saw Imlie going outside the house. Pankaj says that Imlie doesn’t know anything about Delhi. Aparna tells Dhruv to call at home as Imlie may go home.

Meanwhile, Dev and Malini come there. Dev asks where she may go. Anu says that they should do the rituals. Imlie will come on her own. 

As Imlie gets inside the truck of goons, the goons close the door. Imlie gets kidnapped by many other girls by those goons. The goons try to frighten her with a gun, but she says she isn’t afraid.

Anu asks about Aditya. Tauji asks Pankaj to call Aditya, but his number comes out of the coverage area.