Anupama 1 December 2020: Vanraj leaves the house

Anupama 1 December
Vanraj mentioned to Baa; it isn’t like that I did not attempt. For 17 years, I’m on this relationship with a full coronary heart, and even I’m in marriage until now. Baa, you and Bapuji perceive one another, speak to one another whereas Anupama and I do not. And there’s no one to speak that is why I really feel suffocated on this relationship. Vanraj continued and mentioned what I did was flawed. However I did not do that by myself, whereas my loneliness makes me try this. And the explanation behind my loneliness was Anupama. Within the subsequent scene, Anupama mentioned to Bapuji that Vanraj did flawed however solely with me. He by no means steps again in taking duty for a father and a son. Then for doing dishonesty with one relation, do not give punishment to all of the relations. If he leaves the home, nobody might be completely satisfied, not youngsters’s, not Baa, not you, and never even me. As a result of my happiness is in you, all’s happiness. Anupama then mentioned, nobody on the earth helps the daughter-in-law instead of the son. However you probably did it. For that, I’ll owe you and Baa in my total life. And Bapuji, please do not take into consideration me solely, please take into consideration Baa and kids’s as nicely. Please, Bapuji. In the meantime, Vanraj mentioned to Baa that Anupama by no means tried to vary herself and be on her degree. She all the time is in house responsibilities, youngsters, and mum or dad’s care. All that is her duty, however whether or not she would not have any duty in direction of her husband? Whether or not she would not have the duty to grow to be equal to me? I labored day and night time to offer you all of the services, luxurious, helpful life, and good training to youngsters. All that is my duty, which I did from my coronary heart, did with happiness. I solely made a mistake that which happiness I did not get from Anupama; I discovered that in Kavya. The ache which I acquired from Anupama, I shared with Kavya.

Vanraj mentioned, if I’m not happy with what I did, then I’m not even responsible for that additionally Baa.

Anupama mentioned to Bapuji, BapujiiiBapuji replied, can I get a cup of tea? Anupama replied I’ll carry it proper now. Vanraj then requested Baa; I agree that I made a mistake, however whether or not the whole mistake was mine solely? Does not Anupama have any errors? Baa replied, no matter you’ll be able to say, however we each cannot deny that Anupama gave 25 years of her life to this residence. She has many loopholes, however she would not have any loopholes in love, care, and respect. For 25 years, she is spinning on this home. In my previous age, I swing on swinger as a result of Anupama is current on this home. You possibly can work so arduous and grow to be an enormous man as a result of you already know that Anupama is current to deal with your loved ones. I can perceive that you simply really feel alone. However because of your loneliness, you’ll ditch your spouse, have a relationship with different ladies. Baa continued and mentioned to Vanraj that this age is to print invitation card of your youngsters’s. To not spherical round together with your divorce papers. Baa mentioned, no, you’ll be able to’t do that. You possibly can’t break the connection with the household for outsiders. What was meant to be completed however now attempt to appropriate your mistake? Do not make a brand new mistake to indicate the primary one appropriate. Neglect all clashes and provides yet one more likelihood to your marriage. Our happiness and welfare of the home are to be with you each. Not in being separated. On the opposite facet, Kavya thinks, V, the place are you? And why are you not selecting up my cellphone? Anirudh’s phrases do not grow to be reality; if in household stress V will depart me then??? Then Kavya thought, no, no, this could’t occur, I can not dwell with out V. V please would not do that to me, please. Baa mentioned to Vanraj, remember you each should not solely husband-wife, whereas dad and mom of three youngsters’s too. You each are resolution will mark an impression in your youngsters’s future. Vanraj stood up and mentioned, when youngsters will arrange of their life then? What you assume, Baa? After all of the drama, youngsters, Dolly, Sanjay, and Bapuji will give me respect again like earlier than? That Rakhi will marry Kinjal to Toshu? No Baa, The whole lot has been destroyed. Anupama has put an finish to the whole lot. Baa got here and replied in anger, why are you blaming Anupama many times? She shouldn’t be flawed, however you’re in mistake. Vanraj replied, however she was the explanation. However the issue is that nobody can see this. In our society, the lady all the time get sympathizes. Everybody can see a girl’s tears, however nobody will sympathize with a person. Within the subsequent scene, Anupama cries arduous and saying why… Why… Why’s all that taking place? When has my household ever wronged anybody? What are they getting punished for? Punish me; give each punishment to me… Why are you punishing my household? Why punish my household? Vanraj mentioned to Baa that this isn’t about me; it is simply not about this incident. This has been taking place for hundreds of years. A person is all the time blamed for a girl’s sorrow, however it’s not proper. Baa replied, now you are attempting to advise me like Anupama? I do not care what was happening for hundreds of years. I’m solely bothered about what is going on in my home now. You exit to work and meet many individuals a day. Even you exit with your pals and exit for a film with a consumer. However then additionally you bought suffocated. Then what about Anupama? She by no means left residence within the final 25 years. She did not have time for you as a result of she is taking good care of your own home, dad and mom and kids’s. Baa then mentioned, if she left us in our situation and depart residence with you want Kavya, would you prefer it? If I’d make meals within the kitchen and Anupama goes for a kitty social gathering like that Rakhi, would you prefer it? For as soon as she ignored together with her buddy, do you bear in mind what you probably did to her? Anupama would not have any errors, however we’re flawed. You and I each did not let her step ahead. When she may accomplish one thing, we loaded her with the tasks of home and kids. Or else, Anupama, regardless of being much less educated however nonetheless turns into a faculty instructor. If she will be able to educate college students to bounce, can be taught to drive a automobile in solely someday, she will be able to do something. Baa then mentioned that if we understood and supported her, she would have been a lot forward of Kavya. Who suppressed her? You and I did! However she by no means complained about it. So, cease blaming her for what occurred. And rectify your mistake and provides me a promise that you’ll break all ties with Kavya hereafter. What has completed is cannot be modified by anybody, however it may be rectified. The basis of the whole lot is Kavya. So, ask her to go away your life and workplace. The whole lot will fall in place. You’re the boss so let her transferred. Do no matter you need to do. I would like that woman out of your life.

Baa then lifted Vanraj’s hand to her head and requested him to vow that he would break all of the relation with that woman.

Anupama brings tea for Bapuji. He desires to take a sip. In the meantime, Anupama stops him saying that the tea may be very scorching, your mouth will burn. Bapuji replied, when the center is burned, then the rest did not trouble me. Anupama thought, lord, please do not put my Baa Bapuji to undergo this case at this age. Do not give them that a lot sorrow; please carry the whole lot to be okay. Baa requested Vanraj to vow her that he’ll throw Kavya out of your life. In the meantime, Baa noticed Vanraj’s cellphone ringing and mentioned she wouldn’t depart you so rapidly, however you’ll have to do away with her. Inform me, will you agree together with your mom? Converse Vanraj, Converse… Anupama is crying within the kitchen, and Baa comes there. Baa requested Anupama that Vanraj has dedicated a sin. However for my sake, are you able to forgive him. I do know that one must be very beneficiant to forgive such a sin. However I additionally know that you’re that beneficiant. Please do as I mentioned, defend this household. It isn’t like that I forgave him. However I can not see my residence shattered. In order for you, then the whole lot will grow to be like earlier than. Vanraj will keep again too. And your father-in-law may also not throw Vanraj out of the home. Baa continued and mentioned; now the whole lot is in your hand. The household’s happiness, the youngsters’s happiness, and our happiness are in your arms. Even I spoke to Vanraj. I reprimanded and defined to him, and he understood it too. In the meantime, Baa remembers her speaking with Vanraj, the place he mentioned that if I abandon Kavya at your behest, what’s the assure that issues will return to regular? Will father forgive me? Will my youngsters give respect and like to me like earlier than? And what’s the assure that Anupama will grow to be like earlier than once more? Baa replied, what if Anupama agrees? Vanraj mentioned, ‘then speak to her first.’ I do know she will not agree. Baa, you do not even have an concept which quantity of satisfaction she carries. She already had an perspective. Now she has the home too. So, She will not agree. Baa instructed Anupama that Vanraj had left the whole lot as much as you, Anupama. If you’re able to overlook the whole lot, Anupama, he may also overlook that girl. You do not belief your husband, however I belief my son. He won’t ever break his mom’s belief. Baa asks her to no less than agree for as soon as and maintain him again from leaving. Step by step the whole lot might be nice. Baa then mentioned, Simply agree with me and make no less than a contemporary begin. Regardless of how the husband is but when he’s in the home, solely the home turns into residence. If Vanraj leaves, then the house might be shattered. We’re alive now; youngsters acquired married, then you can be left alone. I do know you do not want assist, however you’ll need a companion. Simply agree with me, beta. You’re the just one who can deal with the whole lot. I plead earlier than you. Please agree. Anupama remembers the previous when she asks Vanraj; you went to a film with whom? He replied to the consumer. She remembers the wedding day when Vanraj requested her that his boss requested him to be in workplace at the moment.

Vanraj is seen strolling along with his baggage within the hall.

Anupama replied to Baa; I’m nobody, Baa, to separate you out of your son and kids’s from their father. For those who ask, then I may even surrender my life for you smiling. Baa replied, how will you reside alone? It is about your complete life. Anupama mentioned, No Baa; the query is a couple of second solely, and due to that second, I refuse. I will not be capable to cease him again. I need to cease him, and all of the issues at residence grow to be regular, but when a girl sees her husband on marriage night time with another girl on her mattress, she will be able to’t forgive her husband even when she desires to. As a spark is sufficient to burn the entire home down. Similar as that second burnt down my complete life. Sorry, Baa. I’m able to dwell my total life alone simply due to that second. However I will not be capable to cease him. Anupama continues whether or not he desires to dwell on this home or depart is his want solely. I neither requested him to go away, nor I’ll ask him to remain again. I shall all the time obey you lifetime however not on this matter Baa.

Vanraj interrupted and mentioned, I instructed you, Baa, she’s going to by no means agree. And why will she? Now, this home belongs to her.

Baa making an attempt to cease Vanraj and requested him to not depart. Vanraj mentioned everybody on this home upset with me, proper? I’m the explanation behind everybody’s pressure. Some are so disenchanted with me that they do not want to see me. Then it is okay; I’m leaving this home and going to Kavya. And sure, the authorized formalities, after authorized proceedings, I shall marry Kavya. Vanraj strolling in direction of outdoors; in the meantime, Anupama asks, to Pay attention, you’re speaking about divorce. Vanraj replied, sure. Anupama remembers previous and mentioned, sorry Baa and Bapuji, that I’m saying this in entrance of you all. However I need to converse my thoughts’s ideas. You’ll ship me divorce paperwork. I shall signal them. For you, a relationship is a contract on paper. However for me, it is on my thoughts. Anupama mentioned in my thoughts I’m already divorced. The signing of any doc is not going to have an effect on me.

Precap: Anupama mentioned to Vanraj, I all the time being indignant for the flawed you probably did with me. However what you probably did proper, for that, thanks. Vanraj thought Dad gave you the house, however there’s quite a lot of distinction in managing and operating a house. Vanraj mentioned I’d additionally see the way you handle to run the home with out me.