The Princess Switch: Switched Again – A Royal fantasy tour and a Christmas Movie

Robin Bernheim and Megan Metzger wrote another predictable yet beautiful story. The Princess Switch: Switched Again is a sequel to The Princess Diary and an American Christmas Romantic film.

Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens), a baker, flies to participate in a baking contest and ends up switching places with Princess Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro (also Vanessa Hudgens!), who is identical to her.

Margaret falls in love with Stacy’s friend Kevin (Nick Sagar), and Stacy falls in love with Margaret’s Fiance, Prince Edward (Sam Palladio), and here the love stories can be witnessed.

Now where there is a love story, the troubles are meant to be there too, and so the story also shows the problems they face in their love lives along with the difficulties with Margaret’s upcoming coronation.

The negative character in the story aslo ends being identical to Stacy and Margaret who turns out to be Margaret’s cousin Fiona(Vanessa Hudgens), she is a party-girl blonde. The story end up on a happy note.

Vanessa Hudgens did exceptionally well fulfilling three lead characters in the movie. Her acting skills and accents received great appreciation from the audience. She managed brilliantly to play such accents different from another.

The major responsibility was on her shoulders of three characters, each one different from another, which she executed quite well. She definitely nailed all of that hard work.

A little part that audiences specifically mentioned and liked was the older man’s involvement from the former part of the movie.

The movie received mixed responses; some found the triple role concept fascinating while others thought giving three roles to a single actor made it quite  Vanessa Hudgenscentered. A major part of the audience found the storyline quite predictable.

The movie received an IMBd rating of 5.4. The Princess Switch: Switched again, a not so complicated, simple, and fun film. It may seem boring to some, but in all, it comes out as a light-hearted romantic comedy Drama that could be your Christmas movie.

The movie is exactly the extended version of its Trailer, Stacy and Prince Edward is happily married while Margaret and Kevin broke up. Margaret is all set to be the next queen, but she doesn’t seem to be happy. The triple role makes it interesting.

It’s a sweet rom-com, and the thing about such movies is that you know how they will end. Yet, you enjoyed them, so will you enjoy this one.