The Liberator Movie Review: An Animated Series Quite Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

The Liberator Review

It has been a long while since Netflix always coming with absolutely fantastic animated movies; however, liberator is also not an exception.

The liberator consists of 4 episodes in a session. Each episode has been of 1 hour, so overall you can finish it within 4 hours.

It is based on a real-life incident true story of the “Thunderbirds” battalion, and it takes us to world war 2, 1943. Where army officer Felix spark with his platoon consisted mainly of Native Americans and Mexican-American’s land in Germany where they all are getting ready for a difficult journey of 500 days to help liberate-Nazi occupied Europe.
Meanwhile, their platoon gets trapped by a barrage of tank fire from the Germans, and they lost their translator, joe Spigelian.

Felix spark and his team were going to face a lot of challenges, and further, it is exciting to know do they will get the results in their favor in the end despite giving so many sacrifices.

What one thing makes this movie so different from any other animated movie is the background; of course, You get to see the animated graphics, but the characters are real.

The movie not only shows you about Felix and his army, but it also showed us that despite having differences of thoughts, opinions amongst them when it comes to fighting for the country, they get united altogether.

So this not all about only one specific army person. It is all about the unity of how they have fought for their country, which was so essential for them at that time because if access power would have been won, then life would not have been like this.

The one thing you most liked about the movie that it has been shown from Felix spark point of view, who always used to write a letter to his wife about whatever he is experiencing during his journey.

There is a certain moment where he is shown by saying that his relationship with his team is as good as with his wife.

Overall, if I would say if you are amongst those people who like the historical war movie, then this movie is for you.

This series is so brilliant that maybe you will have thought after it gets end that it should have more episodes to watch, but unfortunately, the story has been done and dusted in 4 episodes only.