“The Life Ahead” Review: Sophie Loren at 86 returns in the show business after an interval of over a decade

The Life Ahead Review

The Name “SOPHIE LOREN” is enough to raise the audience’s bar of expectations from the movie.

After taking a gap of almost ten years, she finally decided to return through a movie directed by her son Edoardo Ponti.

Sophie had worked in this industry for almost seven decades, which is enough for itself to tell how big of a gem she is for the Hollywood industry. All the eyes were on the movie, whether it is good enough to do justice with Sophie’s comeback, is it worth it?

The audience’s response made it very evident that the movie flawlessly lived up to the public’s expectations and did a terrific job.

In the movie, Sophie’s character is named Madame Rosa, a lady who survived the Holocaust and babysat the children of the Prostitutes of her Italian town. Her acting is something that the audience can’t get over and is praising all over.

The movie’s heart is the bond that Madame Rosa shares with the child name Momo ( Ibrahima Gueye), who seeks love and home life. Ibrahima brilliantly plays the character of a 14-year Muslim boy; also, he and Loren are lovely together in the movie.

Another prominent character in the movie stands out is Abril Zamora playing a respectable non-cliché role of Lola, Rosa’s neighbor, a transwoman. Her character is refreshing.

The movie would seem like a true story, but it isn’t. The life Ahead is the remake of the 1975 French novel La vie devant soi or, The Life Before Us by author Romain Gary. The plot of the novel was set up in France, while the movie is set up in Italy. The story has already been remade in 1977 as “Madame Rosa,” which won Oscar for Best International Feature.

The movie is exceptionally sentimental and a personal tour for the audience; apparently, one may need a tissue. The cinematography in the movie keeps viewers engaged. The movie has a beautiful story and rich characters. The movie excels almost on all levels.

Laura Pausini sings the song also received appreciation. The movie also delivers a message as in the movie you can see the unusual human condition evolve. It also demonstrates that your family by choice is as powerful as your family by birth. The movie received tremendous response and an IMBd rating of 6.9.

Life Ahead us is a well-directed and executed movie remake of the novel- The life before us. However, the movie’s climax has been changed, but overall it received a thumbs up from the audience and will keep you engaged, interested, and tagged throughout the movie.