Ishq Mein MarJawan 2, 25 November: Ridhima Changed Behaviour Shocks Kabir

Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 2 25 November: Written Update on

Ishq Mein MarJawan 2 25th November

The most popular show on the Color channel, Ishq Mein MarJawan 2, would start with a chunri ritual where Ridhima and Kabir are going to get married after 3 days.

Initial Scene:

The story starts with Anurpirya handing over a box of sweets to Ridhima and requesting Kabir to handover chunri to her. 

The ambiance was so good where all were seen so happy except Ridhima. Ridhima was seen so immersed in the memories of Vansh, who is not alive now. Ridhima was not ready for the marriage, and she wanted to give Vansh justice.

As Ridhima was close to Vansh, she thought of their moment and wiped her tears. 

In another scene, a moment while ago.

Ishani was getting angry at Ridhima and said she couldn’t bear this drama anymore and started taking out the poison bottle. 

Angre tries to stop her from consuming that poison, thinking Ishani will consume poison and stop her and reminded her not to even think of doing this as she is pregnant. 

Ishani replied that she isn’t going to die as she has brought this poison bottle for Ridhima, not for herself. And clarified that she want Kabir to replace the place of Vansh.

She puts a condition which makes compulsion for Kabir to do it. Although there are so many twists and turn you will get to see in the upcoming episodes. So, as Kabir would enter in Ridhima’s room where he found Riddhima with a poison bottle in her hand, Kabir was screaming and ask her to open her eyes. she opened it and gave a smile to Kabir

She was blackmailing him, for Vansh wants all the evidence that makes clear all vansh’s accusation and get him peace. Otherwise she would intake poison and get dies. 

She doesn’t scare to have poison, though. she was seen on the screen saying that she doesn’t want to live, and she doesn’t scare to die; she wanted to be with late vansh after her death. Further, somehow, he came up with all the evidence and vanished all the evidence by ignited the fire on to it.

Further, Riddhima was seen going to vihan’s house to meet with him, where she managed herself 48 lakhs rupees and handover to him. Kabir was also seen following her and got in the same place. 

Vihaan, while doing exercise, recalling her demand with Ridhima of 50 lakhs in the next 20 hrs. 

Riddhima wanted Vihaan’s to play a duplicate role of Vansh where he demanded 5 crores and 50 lakh in advance, although she already did pay 48 lakhs remaining, she will pay him later. It is fascinating to watch Vihaan agree to deal or not in the next episode to get to know the further story. Keep watching Ishq Mein MarJawan 2 only on Colors TV.