When will Little Things Season 4 Release?

Youtube has made the playing field leveled. It has allowed creative individuals and small teams to create content on their own with their equipment and share it with the masses. It has been the prime reason behind many such success stories. But as far as original content web series are concerned, it is far behind the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Frankly, we do not like most of them. We have seen several popular web series and have been disappointed to the core with their pathetic attempt to entertain.

We are not a big fan of Romcoms and get disappointed every time we watch a youthful web series that claims to talk about modern relationships but portray couples as horny and desperate animals. On top of that, their star cast seems to suck too.
Initially, we had the same reservation to watch Little Things as we expected it to be on the same track. But never were we so wrong. This show came out as the real deal. This series captures the real essence and emotions of being in a modern-day relationship. It is an ingenious work done by the writers and the entire team. Every episode teaches you something substantial and helps you improve the elements of your relationship too.
The show revolves around a young unmarried couple Dhruv(Dhruv Vats) and Kavya(Mithila Palkar), living together and dealing with the day-to-day ventures. The essence of the show, as the title suggests also, is to show how to enjoy the little things to keep your relationship loving and fresh. The series is full of ups and downs. There are relatable situations that make you think about your relationships. Modern relationships are not perfect, and this series portrays this fact amazingly rather than providing an ideal image of a perfect relationship, which does not exist in the real world.
In every new episode, this show has tried to cover all aspects that we encounter in our life, including career, ambitions, parents, marriage, friends, bosses, and colleagues. It also covers various emotions we feel, including ego, jealousy, love, lust, patience, and hate.
Their relationship has matured season by season, and it is happening organically and naturally.
The cast is simply brilliant, and the performances are flawless, especially the protagonists Dhruv and Mithila. Their performances are beyond exceptional, and not for a second, would you doubt the authenticity of their relationship. If you want to see something that talks about real relationships, the real problems, and how to tackle them along with your partner, this web series is a must-watch.
Even the supporting characters have performed amazingly. The creators have given attention to the little details and habits of characters, making them enjoyable enough to keep you engaged throughout the episodes.w
What can you expect in Season 4?
Season 3 of Little Things ended while making us teary-eyed and left with lots of questions in our minds. Everyone felt it. The chemistry between Dhruv and Kavya got much stronger, and their care for each other has increased. They cannot live without each other anymore. Is this the right time? Will they finally say those magical words to each other? Will they get married? Does Dhruv have the courage to get out of his career shell and commit to Kavya? Does Kavya have the emotional capacity to be content and take things further?

The Little Things is undoubtedly Dice Media’s best work so far. Season 1 was first aired in 2016, and its Season 3 was launched in 2019. Everyone is awaiting Season 4 badly. The Pandemic has postponed the launch by almost a year, and sadly, Season 4 is expected to come at the end of next year i.e., 2021. Stay tuned and subscribe to us to get updated.