“KAALI KHUHI” Movie Review – A Netflix Original cliché horror story

Kaali Khuhi Movie Review

The film aims for more than what it’s actually delivering. The movie revolves around a cliché storyline with a haunted village and enchanted well. The only praise worthy part of the film is the social message it’s trying to spread of female infanticide.

It steps on the first level of horror with just some creepy sounds and shadows moving here and there. The message they are trying to deliver is lost somewhere in between the story and lost its value.

The film stars ShabanaAzmi (satyamasi), Satyadeep Mishra (as Darshan), Riva Arora (as girl child shivangi), Sanjeeda sheikh (as Priya), Leela Samson (as dadi). The performance of ShabanaAzmi was definitely praise worthy with the apt dialogue delivery. There wasn’t much role for darshan in the film but sanjeeda sheikh portrayed a strong woman character pretty well, but the character build up was weak.

The movie released on 30th October 2020 on Netflix platform and is a 1hr 30mins long film . Genre is drama, mystery, horror with imbd rating of just 3.3/10.

The film starts with Shivangi’s family going to their old village to meet leela Samson (shivangi’sdadi) as she is ill. When they reach there they starts noticing something fishy but they ignore it. There’s a black well in the village which was spirited and was closed to trap the spirits but a man opens up the well releasing the spirits in the village. Shivangi then meets another girl child unaware that it was a spirit. She become friends with this girl and starts getting to know her history her village. Shivangi unveils the story of this girl and understands what was happening and how the girl child were thrown into that well resulting in female infanticide and the reason behind all those spirits trapped in that well. Then dadi realizes everything that is going around and explains it to priya and darshan but priya denies all the facts and shouts back at dadi. Now everything’s on shivangi’s shoulder to save everyone in the village and to solve the issue and keep those spirits away from her village. In the end the movie fails to scare people and fails to deliver the message clearly. It moves at a slow pace and doesn’t grab the attention of viewer as well.