Warner Bros “applogize”, Remake of The witches received backlash from disability community.

The Witches got criticized for By disability community

The witches

Leading members of the disability community, together with the Paralympic Games Organization, Paralympians, and the campaigners, criticized the presentation of the character. “The Grand High Witch” in Warner Bros recently released ‘The Witches’ saying the use of well defined physical disability in their hands is offensive to those with limb disability of the same kind.

In the movie, Anne Hathaway played a character with hands like the limb abnormality know as split hand, technically called “ectrodactyly.” It happens due to the absence of one or more central digit on the hand or foot.

Amy Marren was the first to make a call, a “British Paralympic swimmer” to the studio.
Shannon Crossland shared on Instagram the movie shown by Warner Bros is “no way a thinking /reflection of Roald Dahl ‘s novel.” Shannon Crosland is a Disability Advocate.

What kind of message we want the upcoming generation to receive. Having three fingers or a disability is a trait of being a witch. It is an extremely harmful depiction. The disability must not be connected or associated with the monsters, fears, Disgust, and abnormality.

Other members of the disability community sent numerous messages to the studio. In response to all the hate messages, a Warner Bros spokesperson said, “deeply dishearten to learn that representation of the fictional characters in the movie The Witches could upset people with disabilities and if any offense caused.”

Further, he added ‘while adapting the original story of the movie, we worked with the artists and the designers come up with the elucidation of the cat-like claw that was originally described in the book.

Our intention was not that viewers should feel the non-human, fantastical character was meant to represent them.’ our movie character’s representation was never meant to hurt anyone’s feeling.

As per Dahl’s novel, The witches tend to have ‘claws rather than fingernails’ and ‘Square feet without toes’. And at the initial edition cover showed they have five fingers on their hands.

The Official Paralympic Games twitted on their official handle, “Limb difference is not daunting. These differences should be celebrated and disability has to be normalized.”

Street actress and former disability advocate Melissa Johns twitted in her official Twitter handle.
“Why missing fingers?? Here we go again… Using disability as a costume and to highlight a character as a “baddie”. Children with limb differences rarely get to see themselves represented truthfully. But instead, get shown as scary monsters? Not what we need “

The movie is the second adaptation of Dahl’s book of the same name. Nicolas Roeg created the first adaptation in 1990. Robert Zemeckis directs the movie. The movie was released on the 22nd of October 2020 on HBO Max.

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