Enola Holmes 2 Release Date CONFIRMED for 2022 on Netflix

When will the sequel of Enola Holmes be released? Enola Holmes 2 is confirmed to release this year as the Netflix sequel started filming in October 2021 after being officially confirmed earlier in the year. The actress Millie Bobby Brown said that she can’t wait to collaborate again with her Enola Holmes family! Enola holds a special place in her heart – Enola is strong, intelligent, fearless, and Brave. She looks forward to fans seeing how her journey continued.

When can we expect Enola Holmes 2?

The sequel has now been confirmed by Netflix but the release date of the sequel is not yet confirmed for Enola Holmes2. Filming of the sequel started in October 2021 and Cavill revealed in late November that he had completed his final day on set. But there is a doubt that whether the entire sequel has wrapped or just the Cavill scenes are completed. September 2022 release sounds like a good bet for now to fit the same release date that worked so well for the first movie and as the filming finishes by early 2022.

Who is coming back for The Sequel?

Millie Bobby Brown will of course be back as Enola Holmes told EW as she fell in love with her during the production of the first movie. Sherlock Holmes will be played by Henry Cavill, but there is no confirmation about whether Sam Claflin will come back as Mycroft Holmes or not. It seems that it wouldn’t be difficult for them to bring back Claflin. In an interview, he made it clear that he enjoys this role. He was not expecting that this role would be this much excitement and he would fall in love with the character and the people involved. At September 2021 Netflix TUDUM  event, Louis Partridge confirmed that he is returning as Tewkesbury. Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes, Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade, and Susan Wokoma as Edith, respectively.

Some newcomers are also joining the sequel: Sharon Duncan-Brewster, David Thewlis, Hannah Dodd, Abbie Hern, Gabriel Tierney, and Serrana Su-Ling Bliss. It is not known which character they are playing.

Will the sequel take over from where the first one ended?

Fans are interested in the last moment but more interested in the family reunion of the Enola Holmes, what Enola planning to do after the events of the movie. After saving the lord, Enola went back to search for her mother and found an encoded newspaper through which her mother conveyed her to meet her at Royal Academy at night. Enola knows this newspaper might be a scam by Sherlock and Mycroft, in order to confirm her suspicion, she heads off towards sherlock as a newspaper seller. Sherlock spots Enola’s childhood toy, so he knows that she was there.

When she moves into the room, she had a surprise reunion with her mother, she apologizes for leaving her. Eudoria knows that it wouldn’t be safe to tell her where she was going as she’s involved in the suffragist movement. She tells Enola that she will always be there whenever she needs her all she needs to do is leave a code on the newspaper.


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