Emilia Clarke Wants Amber Heard OUT OF Aquaman 2 and Become the Next Mera


Has Emilia Clarke replaced Amber Heard from Aquaman 2? Will Emilia Clarke play Mera in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom? Reports say Jason Momoa doesn’t really like Amber Heard to be in his forthcoming film, Aquaman 2! Are all these rumors true? Stay tuned to find out all about it, right here!

Why People Want Amber Heard Gone?

If we talk practically, actress Amber Heard is still gonna be present working side-by-side with Jason Momoa in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. In any case, if the production house decides after all to discard the participation of Amber Heard from the movie, the famous dragon queen from Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke can be a potential candidate for the role of Mera.

People are signing petitions where they demand to remove Amber Heard from the Cast. Some hardcore DC fans aren’t even holding back to establish their motive. The latest petition even got over a million signatures saying they don’t wanna see Amber Heard as Mera. So why do they really dislike Amber Heard when she has done totally fine in the first part of Aquaman? The recent petition that demands to cut out Amber Heard from the Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom reports that it might be that she is the one to assault Johnny Depp physically during the short period of their married life. Johnny Depp has blamed Amber Heard, his ex-wife in the court for abusing and allegedly presenting pieces of evidence supporting his accusations in a lawsuit worth 50 million USD, which he lost. The petition continues about the accusation that got Heard arrested in 2009 about abusive behavior towards her domestic partner Tasya Van Ree. The petition also demands that these two incidents are actually a repeated abusive pattern by Amber Heard.

Both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have denied each other physical abuse, although each has testified against him years ago. Whatever the case, there are many more fans now who think Heard should be removed from Aquaman 2, especially after it was announced that Johnny Depp was forced to leave Fantastic Beasts 3. Depp resigned last week over allegations of Warner’s persistence. Bros., who were under pressure after the actor lost his case. Depp has vowed to challenge the judge’s decision and has another case against Heard.

What’s Emilia Clarke’s Status On This?

On the other hand, Emilia Clerk is kind of a heartthrob to everybody. She doesn’t have any kind of project ongoing right now. So, it won’t be a problem if she really does take on the role of Mera, and some reports even say that she really wanna take the role. Fans are already expecting her to recur the role of Mera right away. Even some pages have released peculiar fanarts that represent Emilia as Mera! For example, the Twitter page of BossLogic has portrayed Emilia as Mera.

Regardless of all the petitions and stuff, you cannot say for sure if one of the main characters of this highly expected sequel, Mera, is gonna be played by Amber Heard on Emilia Clarke. But for now, it’s gonna be Amber Heard as the director of the movie himself chose her to play the role.

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