Elon Musk is USING EVERYTHING He Has to JAIL Amber Heard and GET BACK at Her

We all know about the felony fuss taking place among the 2 well-known celebrities of the industry, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Recently, a brand new twist has seemed withinside the case. Both the celebs have earned plenty of stardom over those beyond years. But now, their year-lengthy earned stardom is at stake. Moreover, all of us understand James Franco and Elon Musk have additionally entered into the picture. Stay tuned with us, to understand all approximately it, simply proper here!

As the whole world is aware of about this! Amber Heard referred to like Johnny Depp, a “wife-beater”. The stars have been married to every different lower back withinside the 12 months of 2015. But their marriage lasted for simply 2 years. Something, truly stunning passed off withinside the 12 months of 2017. Johnny Depp changed into taken to courtroom docket as her ex-wife, had filed a terrifying case towards him. Our assets stated Amber changed into bodily harm via way of means of Johnny Depp! But Depp glaringly denied the entire claim. The case remains occurring in the courtroom docket. Recently, the courtroom docket has all over again become down Depp’s request to provide his aspect of witness.

Ever due to the fact this incident, Amber has been visible helping girls who undergo Domestic violence and bodily abuse of their households. Due to the prison fuss, Johnny Depp has already misplaced his position in the imminent Fantastic Beasts series. He is now not part of the Warner Bros studios. Now, James Franco and Elon Musk have additionally come into this complete prison picture, which goes on among the 2 well-known superstar actors.

Well, you might be wondering what Elon Musk has to do all of this? Well, Musk dated the Aquaman actress for some time after her marriage to Depp collapsed in 2016. However, though the latter time and again has alleged that the previous and Heard have been romantically concerned even as earlier than she and Depp split. The PayPal co-founder has denied the claims. Musk even joked about ultimate summertime season approximately settling matters with Depp in a “cage fight” whilst his call saved arising at the continued the UK libel trial.

The -year-lengthy legal record had now introduced new faces into the picture. Johnny Depp is making an attempt his every bit to show Amber’s declare wrong. Depp’s legal representative has appealed the courtroom docket to testify Elon Musk and James Franco towards Amber Heard!

Musk has not answered the requests from Deadline on their respective subpoenas. Right now, after numerous delays from Covid-19 lockdowns and different matters, the trial is about to begin on May 17 in Virginia’s Fairfax County.  Now It’s only a matter of time when Elon Musk’s statements may provide this situation an entirely new turn, as all of us know, the famed billionaire has dated Amber Heard, quickly after she cut up from her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Musk and Franco each had been given time through the court, until the seventeenth of January, 2022. Will Musk lead Amber to prison?  What is the actual reality in the back of this entire tale? Well, this will be simplest recognized while he supplies his very last announcement in opposition to Amber Heard. Until then, stay tuned with us to know if Amber heard going to be imprisoned.


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