Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is The Key to Bringing X-Men in MCU, Here’s How

We are here to drop a big update regarding the new era of MCU and what more it would lead to in the period of time. Marvel Studios have been presenting a lot recently in the terms of storyline and mentioning the fact that the new stage of the era has begun in the time. WandaVision was out last year and it portrayed a big story in the favor of Wanda Maximoff, who is played by Elizabeth Olsen.

The show on the other hand was applauded for the big story and other details in the show consisting of a total of nine episodes in the time. Marvel Cinematic Universe is picking up the big pieces at this time regarding the title and some big plans are being made for the story which would be brought upon next.

Scarlett Witch

Scarlett Witch may lead with Big powers for introducing X-Men into the title

The craziest fan theories are coming in at the time stating that the crossover of X-Men into the MCU would be brought upon and this is the next focus of the creators whereas to mention that nothing has been confirmed on the part and everyone also knows how MCU is interested in making the crossovers at the time.

This is said especially after the part when Spider-Man: No Way Home created a record in the box office due to the big storyline it portrayed and moreover the idea of Multiverse was put ahead in the movie. The movie portrayal from the previous title is inspired at the time and thus it is expected that the X-Men will be stepping into the MCU afterall.

Scarlett Witch

There has been no confirmation at the period of time and this could all just be fan theories but also recalling the part where the same point used to take place for Spider-Man: No Way Home and we actually got to see all the three Spider-Mans together in a movie.

There are big talks taking place regarding the upcoming project, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, and how the big turns would be taken ahead by the title in order to bring the best at the time. Another thing to consider over the part is that Wanda Maximoff might be the key to bringing the X-Men into the universe.

Scarlett Witch


Wanda got her powers from Mind Stone which mentions that a big part will be portrayed on the basis of the storyline and though it is yet to see how the studios will be moving ahead to bring the best for the movie.

The hype is alive among the fans for the big crossover and the expectations are rising at the time that the big crossover maybe even more exciting to cover than the previous one on Spider-Man and Scarlett Witch may have the powers to pull the great stunt afterall and also introducing a big part in the MCU studios over the time.

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