Elite Season 6 CONFIRMED, Production to Begin Soon

It has been just a week since Elite season 5 surged on Netflix and the fans are already staying for the sixth one. That’s maybe because the 5th season left us with some deadly cliffhangers. Season 5 started up with the flashbacks of the New Year party and gives rise to the idea that Armando is deceased. He is killed but the concern is who did that. The season examines the investigation and skepticism along with the associations and excitements of the key identities taking off as nicely. Plenty of acting, anticipation, confusing emotions, and suspense will mix you up for sure. Now, let’s see what Elite season 6 brings to the table.

What is Elite Season 6 Release Date?

Season 5 was all about the inquiry of Armando’s demise after his carcass is uncovered wafting in the lake by Omar and the important suspect for the killing is Benjamin. No explanation to reject it as Armando and Benjamin had quarrels between them as he attacked one of her daughters and attempted to slay the other one. Well, as the concert moves on, we notice that Armando and Benjamin’s connection was wider than it looked as they were together exchanging data on Las Encinas’ students. When this reality becomes known, Samu, who has been bringing into the world Benjamin’s back till now, agrees to go against him for what he did but he pans out bringing in combat with him and hits his cranium on the concrete.

Now whether Samu is late or he endured is nonetheless unnerved and reportedly the story of season 6 will clear out from there. We might see what occurs to Benjamin after Samu gets hit. Another stuff we can want is what occurs to Patrick and Ivan’s connection and if they will be able to unravel their topics.

As for the identities, Caye, Samu (who is already injured or dead), Rebe, and Omar may be removed from the central scene and the story points to Mencia, Ivan, Ari, Phillipe, Isadora, and Patrick. Season 6 will also be enlisted by current cast members i.e. actors Ana Bokesa, Carmen Arrufat Blasco, Alex Pastrana, Álvaro de Juana, and Ander Puig which will provoke different characters into the controversy.

The filming for the sixth season, with all the new staff components and the old singles that will be appearing back, started up in February 2022. So it is uncertain whether the show will be released anytime quickly in the coming two-three months. With the shooting and post-production work left, we can anticipate the next season to come on Netflix by 2023 either at the outset or in mid-year.


While the Elite: Season 6 returning cast members have not yet been corroborated, it at minor looks likely that we may be explaining goodbye to Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Omar (Omar Ayuso), Rebeka (Claudia Salas), and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), although after Samuel’s big cliffhanger time in the Season 5 end, we may see aba handful of him before he departs to get a slight resolution.

The one creature we recognize is that five new complexions are joining the Elite crew for Season 6. A January 31 post from Elite‘s official Instagram statement submitted Carmen Arrufat, Álvaro de Juana, Ana Bokesa, Alex Pastrana, and Ander Puig, the new fascinations being submitted in the upcoming season. Ander Puig will play Elite‘s main trans major character.


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