Dwayne Johnson about the DIFFERENCE in playing the Black Adam and Krypto the Super-Dog for DC

Dwayne Johnson’s the Black Adam and Krypto

Dwayne Johnson has long established himself as one of Hollywood’s top action performers, and now he’s making his first foray into the superhero genre. The Rock is finally filming the Black Adam solo film, more than a decade after he was first tapped to play the Kahndaqian antihero, but rumor has it that this won’t be his only DC gig. Johnson has also agreed to voice Krypto the Superdog in an upcoming animated film. It was stated in 2018 that a film based on DC Comics’ Super-Pets was in the works, and it has since been dubbed DC League of Super-Pets. Dwayne Johnson will now play Krypto, Superman’s loyal canine companion who has been a part of the Man of Steel mythos since 1955. Johnson’s production business, Seven Bucks Productions, will also assist in the creation of the DC League of Super-Pets.

The Black Adam

It’s almost remarkable that Dwayne Johnson has never played a comic-book superhero before, given his massive frame and larger-than-life charisma. But that’s about to change when Black Adam arrives to upend the DC Universe’s power structure. According to Johnson, the character is “a terrible motherf*cker.” That’s what drew him to wait ten years to play him, despite having countless opportunities to play superheroes in the meantime.”Official offers were never made. Conversations with studio chiefs were always a part of it “He tells Total Film about it. “However, there was always something special about Black Adam. He was either a villain or an antihero, depending on how you define a villain. This thought of his pain and wrath stemming from loss and exacerbated by tyranny appealed to me. He eventually refused to be restrained any longer. You will perish if you offend him, his family, or his people. Period. That’s all there is to it.”


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One thing is certain: Black Adam is going to rock the DCEU to its core. After Jungle Cruise, Johnson says he’d like to work with Collet-Serra again “We gelled right away because it was like, ‘OK, our aim and our North Star is the DC Universe’s hierarchy of power is about to alter.’ Let’s show some bravery. Let’s get started. Let’s also be destructive.”On July 29, 2022, the film Black Adam will be released in theatres. Check out the brand new edition of Total Film magazine, which will be on newsstands (actual and digital) on Thursday, December 9 for a lot more on the film.

Krypto the Super-Dog

So yet, Dwayne Johnson is the only actor confirmed for DC League of Super-Pets, while the rest of the voice cast is expected to be revealed soon. Krypto, Streaky the Super cat, Beppo the Super-Monkey, and Comet the Super-Horse made formed the original Legion of Super-Pets, which debuted in 1962. According to Variety, the film will have Krypto teaming up with a flying cat to fight crime while Superman is on vacation, thus Streaky is likely to appear. There are plenty of other animals related to popular superheroes in the DC universe, from Ace the Bat-Hound to Green Lantern member Ch’p (an extraterrestrial who looks like a squirrel), so there’s no shortage of who may be brought in to combat the forces of evil.


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