Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date and Arrival on Netflix Confirmed

Dr Stone is one of the fan-favorite Japanese anime series. There are two seasons of Dr Stone and now the most-awaited third season is coming. Dr Stone season 2 ended one year ago on March 25th, 2021 and the episode name is “The prologue of Dr Stone. Fans are curious to know about season 3 of Dr Stone.

Dr Stone has ended the second one year ago March 25th, 2021. Dr Stone is based on the Japanese Manga series. Dr Stone has debuted in TMS Entertainment in July 2019. Now, fans are excited for the season 3 release of Dr Stone. The anime series has been renewed because of its popularity. Dr Stone has scored a solid score of 8.2/10 and ratings of 8.3/10 on My Anime List across all the seasons. If you want to know the information about Dr Stone Season 3 then you are at the right place.

Doctor Stone Season 3

What is the release date of the upcoming season of Dr Stone?

The first season of Dr Stone was aired in the summer of 2019. After a year later the second season of Dr Stone has arrived at the beginning of 2021 and season 2 of Dr Stone has ended in March 2021. There is no official release date for Dr Stone season 3, but it is confirmed that the Dr Stone has been renewed for the third season. Earlier it was expected that season 3 will release in the summer of 2022. But now as per reports, the Dr Stone season is opted to release at the beginning of 2023. The episodes of Dr Stone originally aired in Japan and then premiered in English, at a later date.

What is the plot of the upcoming season 3?

The plot of season 3 will be more epic and adventurous. This indicates the anime will follow the manga and adapt the “Age of Exploration” arc. Where they will build the mighty ship Perseus and sail around the world, hoping to find more answers about what caused humanity to stone. Alongside, they will make plenty more inventions to help mankind back on track.

What is the cast of Dr Stone season 3?

The voice cast of both Japanese and English will be likely to remain the same in season 3. For Japanese dub Yusuke Kobayashi as Senku and Makoto Furukawa as Taiju in season 3 of Dr Stone. In the English dub, Aaron Dismuke will be doing the voice of Senku. And Ricco Fajardo will be doing the voice of Taiju in Dr Stone season 3. Other Japanese voice actors are Manami Numakura, Gen Sato, and Ayumu Murase. Other English voice actors of season 3 are Brandon Mclnnis, Felecia Angelle, and Brittany Lauda. And fans could expect many more voice actors to come in the third season of Dr Stone.

Where to stream all episodes of Dr Stone?

Dr Stone is a great anime series and this anime series is loved by fans. All the seasons of Dr Stone on Crunchyroll worldwide outside Asia. The English dubbed version of the anime will be airing in the US on Toonami.

About the Dr Stone anime series

Dr Stone takes place thousands of years from the future. A mysterious event turned out and almost all humanity to stone. Then, a genius teenager Senku is resurrected. Then he finds his old friend Taiju, who is also resurrected, and they together work on a way to revive the rest of the humanity of the world. But their journey of them is not so easy, as they live against the likes of lions and poisonous gases. There are two seasons of Dr Stone and the third season of Dr Stone is going to release. More mysteries and more adventure are coming with season 3 of Dr Stone.

Fans are excited to watch the third season of Dr Stone. The release date is not yet confirmed but as per reports it will come in the year 2023, previously it was expected to come in the summer of 2022. The upcoming season of Dr Stone will bring many adventures and mysteries, this season will adapt the “Age of Exploration” arc, and they will make a mighty ship Perseus. Fans can’t wait to watch Dr Stone Season 3.

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