Dr Stone Chapter 223: Release Date, Discussion and Read Online

Hello everyone, in this post, we are going to talk about Doctor Stone Chapter 223. The last chapter of Doctor Stone has been exciting because it gives us details about a legendary fighter that is there and every fan is excited to know about that. Who is the legendary fighter that we will see in the next upcoming chapter?

In the last chapter, we have already seen that someone is going near the spot and trying to recognize who the legendary fighter will be. As of now, their figure can be seen that it is in the form of stone and we can assume that the statue will be awakened by a method or something like that. In case you haven’t read the manga and haven’t seen some details about it then we recommend reading it. As we are Going to share some images about that. In case you don’t want to know the spoilers, so it is recommended that you don’t read it and wait for it.

When will Chapter 223 will release?

New Dr Stone chapters are only released every Sunday you can expect Dr Stone Chapter 223 to release by 19 December until there are some changes in releasing the chapter. Right now the holiday season is around the corner, so it might get delayed also, but that let’s hope it doesn’t get delayed as fans have been hyped about it. Usually, when it is the holiday season, there are chances that Manyam manga will get delayed or will be released after the holiday season. But one can always wait for it as it is going to be awesome.

Where can you read chapter 223?

There are many popular pages and many paid services which allow you to read the manga and any very clear quality. But as there are some open sources we recommend that you don’t read it from there as they can contain malicious things that will affect your system. One thing that you need to keep in the mind, Dr Stone Chapter 223 will be available only on 19 December.

Let’s talk about some spoilers from Chapter 223.

Right now the chapter is very far from release. As of now, there hasn’t been any spoiler or any kind of raw images on the Internet or any kind of discussion about it. We can soon expect it to get released around 18 December, but till then you can be bookmark this site as we will be kept on updating the new details. About the chapter, as soon as we get some information about it.

Also, the way manga is going, it has managed to keep every Raider on its door and they are hoping. Every week to get in thrilled by the mango and they are always forward to looking for something new in the forthcoming chapters.

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What is the manga Dr Stone about?

The mango has a huge fan base and everyone loves to read about the mango. The mango also habits in am serious that I have hooked everyone to watch it and then in. Fans who love to watch the series are also shifting to the mango to get the details about the mango first before. Shifting to the anime. The world was hit by an unknown disease that has turned everything into stone, and some people have managed to be free from it. After decaying over a long period of decades and are now finally having turned human, they are starting together. Other humans like them and try to advance their civilization.


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