Dr Stone Chapter 219 Read Online and Discussion

Dr Stone Chapter 219 is all set to be launched! Yes, the chapter is just around the corner. We have so far received 218 chapters from the blockbuster hit manga tale. And now we are looking forward to reading chapter number 219 of the manga series! Fans are highly excited to find out what happens next in the tale. Stay tuned with us, to know it all about Dr Stone Chapter 219, just right here!

What Happened In The Previous Chapter Of Dr Stone? Get A Preview Of Chapter 218, Just Right Here!

Before we move ahead, get a quick preview of the previous happenings! Chapter 218 of Dr Stone opened up some new things for us. Chrome has finally managed to get an inspiration to achieve his goal! He is soon going to start his work on the two-way rocket project! In order to execute his plan, he decides to hold up a conference meeting and asked everyone to join it.

But it appeared like Senku and Dr Xeno are not that much convinced with Chrome’s plan! Both of them, think the project will be a waste of money as it is highly risky for the whole group. Chrome listened to all doubts and objections calmly. But soon shows the whole crew a short demonstration of his plan. He guarantees everyone that his two-way rocket is going to be successful at any cost! Thus slowly and steadily all the members of the group get convinced of the plan. Senku and Dr Xeno also hesitantly agreed over the plan. But the problem is not yet over, as they will have a lot of materials to make the rocket work! They also have a tight time schedule! Let’s not delay any further and jump straight onto the main discussion of our day!

When Will Dr Stone Chapter 219 Release

I know the manga lovers out there have been waiting to read what happens next in the Dr Stone tale! Well, there is good news for you all! Chapter 219 is now just a couple of days away from you! Yes, Dr Stone Chapter 219 is all set and scheduled to be launched this Sunday! You heard it right, the next chapter of the manga is going to be released on the 21st of November, 2021. It’s now just 3 days away from you!

The next tale will definitely show us the executive plan of the group! We will see how the group works on Chrome’s plan to build the two-way rocket! Will they become successful in their plan?

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Can You Read Dr Stone Chapter 219 Online?

I know the manga lovers out there want to know whether they can read this particular manga online or not! So here it is, the manga doesn’t have an official website. But there are some website servers who launch the manga online! You can check out the Dr Stone Chapter 219 online on the Shonen Jump+’s official website. The latest updates and chapter details of the manga are also published via the platform of VIZ Media! You can also check out Shueisha’s online magazine to read the manga online!

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