Dr. Ramin Oskoui Cause of Death: A Tribute to the Renowned Cardiologist

Dr. Ramin Oskoui, a prominent cardiologist and frequent guest on Fox News, passed away on May 5, 2023, at the age of 60. His death was sudden and unexpected, as he collapsed while doing his cardiology rounds at a hospital in Washington, D.C. The exact cause of death has not been revealed yet, but many are speculating that it could be related to a heart condition or a stroke.

Who Was Dr. Ramin Oskoui?

Dr. Ramin Oskoui was born in Iran and moved to the United States with his family when he was a child. He graduated from Columbia University with a degree in medicine and completed his residency and fellowship in cardiology at Georgetown University Hospital. He was the founder and CEO of Foxhall Cardiology, a private practice that specialized in treating patients with complex cardiovascular diseases. He was also an associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University and a clinical instructor at Georgetown University.

Dr. Oskoui was widely recognized for his expertise and excellence in cardiology. He had published numerous articles and book chapters on various topics related to heart health, such as acute coronary syndrome, cardiac catheterization, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, echocardiography, hypertension, and preventive cardiology. He was also the recipient of several awards and honors, such as the Physician of the Year by Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Awards for Physicians and Care Teams in 2015.

Dr. Oskoui was known for his compassionate and personalized care for his patients. He had a reputation for being attentive, thorough, and honest with his patients, as well as being innovative and cutting-edge in his treatments. He had a loyal following of patients who trusted him with their lives and appreciated his kindness and professionalism.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui’s Controversial Views on COVID-19

Apart from his medical career, Dr. Oskoui was also known for his appearances on Fox News, where he offered his opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic. He was one of the first doctors to criticize the CDC and the WHO for their handling of the outbreak, accusing them of being incompetent, corrupt, and politicized. He also questioned the need for lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and vaccines, claiming that they were ineffective, harmful, or unnecessary.

Dr. Oskoui advocated for alternative treatments for COVID-19, such as hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D, and ivermectin. He argued that these drugs were safe, cheap, and proven to work against the virus, citing studies and anecdotal evidence from around the world. He also claimed that these drugs were being suppressed by the mainstream media and the medical establishment because they threatened their profits and agendas.

Dr. Oskoui’s views on COVID-19 were controversial and often contradicted the scientific consensus and the public health guidelines. He faced criticism and backlash from many experts and authorities who accused him of spreading misinformation, endangering lives, and undermining trust in science. However, he also gained support and admiration from many people who appreciated his courage, honesty, and independence.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui’s Legacy

Dr. Ramin Oskoui’s death has shocked and saddened many people who knew him personally or professionally. He is survived by his wife and three children, who have requested privacy during this difficult time. He is also remembered by his colleagues, friends, patients, viewers, and fans who have expressed their condolences and tributes online.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui was a brilliant cardiologist who dedicated his life to saving lives and improving heart health. He was also a fearless commentator who spoke his mind on important issues affecting society. He was a man of integrity, passion, and vision who left a lasting impact on many people.

Dr. Ramin Oskoui’s cause of death may remain unknown for now, but his legacy will live on forever.

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