Dororo Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Where to Watch

Anime fans are currently waiting for Dororo season 2! If you love binging on the dark fantasy genre, then this particular series must be on your binge list. The anime series, Dororo was originally inspired by an age-old manga novel written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. The first anime series, Dororo was released back in 1969. But the series was again relaunched in 2019! The new version of the anime series was highly praised by the crowd out there. The latest anime series had a total of 24 episodes. Dororo was created by the renowned MAPPA Studio! The first season of the show has developed a huge fanbase out there and currently, fans are waiting for Dororo season 2. But are they planning to renew the show? Do we have a release date for Dororo season 2? To know the answer to these questions, stay tuned with us, just right here.

Let Us Quickly Check The Popularity Of Dororo!

Last but not the least, Dororo was pretty much popular among the audience out there. If we go by the records, then you will see that Dororo was ranked 116th in Myanimelist! This clearly indicates that the anime series was highly loved by manga and anime lovers. Moreover, three years have passed by but people are still waiting for Dororo season 2. According to our studies, it is one of the most searched anime series on Google! But compared to other popular anime series, Dororo is not that much popular in Japan. As per our inner sources, the official Twitter account of the anime series is only followed by 58k people.

We all know by now that animes which have more than 100k followers usually gets renewed easily! Moreover, the production house has exhausted the source material! Yes, you have heard it right, there is not enough source material left for Dororo season 2. Some parts and characters were skipped in Dororo season 1, but we cannot ignore the fact that there is not so much story left for season 2! The show might not come out with another season!

Dororo Season 2 Is Not Happening! They Will Not Renew The Show! What Is The Actual Truth Here?

I know you all are eyeing for Dororo season 2. But looking at the source material of the original manga series, Dororo season 2 might not take place! But we also cannot ignore the fact that the series was highly popular on Amazon Prime. The ratings of the show were pretty good.

Moreover, the massive fanbase of the anime series is still rooting for Dororo season 2. As per our estimates, there is still a bit of hope left for season 2. If the show gets renewed by this year, then the second instalment of the show will probably release by the end of 2024 or 2025. Let’s hope they soon renew the show for another run. We will surely notify you about the concrete release date of Dororo season 2.

What Will Be The Storyline Of the upcoming Season 2?

The first season of the show ended on a major cliffhanger. The show must get renewed for another season! Dororo season 1 left a huge mystery behind which must get resolved. The fate of the characters of the anime series are about to change. Will Dororo and Hyakkimaru reunite in Dororo Season 2? This happens to be the most asked question out there. If you remember the first season of the show, then you can easily recall Hyakkimaru’s statements. According to Hyakkimaru, they will meet again.

Moreover, if we go by Biwamaru’s thoughts,  then it clearly hints at the epic reunion of Dororo and Hyakkimaru. The war has begun but if they stay together then they can fight all the odds out there! In the second season, we will probably learn more about Hyakkimaru. He might finally reveal the true mystery behind his journey. As the days are passing by, Dororo is growing impatient for Hyakkimaru. They might not be together but their souls are interlinked with one another.

How much the distance be, but nothing can break their connection! The story is about to become even more complicated now. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting manga and anime series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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