Dorobou-Chan Chapter 21 Release Date, Time, and READ Online

Dorobou- Chan is a popular manga series that has been entertaining its fans with its unique plot and engaging characters. The series revolves around Yanaga, a misunderstood guy with a mean look, and Nemukata, a girl who’s training to be a thief. Yanaga and Nemukata have been brought together by circumstances and have started seeing each other due to Nemukata’s training. still, their relationship is far from simple, and they’re now facing new challenges in Chapter 20.

Release Date and Time

Dorobou-Chan Chapter 21 is set to release on February, 2023 in various regions. Readers can expect the chapter to be available at 8.00 AM PDT, 10.00 AM CDT, 11.00 AM EDT and various other times based on their location.

Chapter 19 Recap

In Chapter 19, Yanaga went shopping to get some stuff from a trade, and Nemukata took the opportunity to try to break into his house. still, she was unfit to do so, and Yanaga returned to find her still trying. Yanaga met Nemukata’s mother while shopping, and she asked about him and Nemukata. Nemukata’s mother offered her help when the bargain sale began, but Nemukata’s antics drew the attention of the disciplinary committee.

Chapter 21 Spoilers

Chapter 21 will see the story’s antagonist show up, putting a wrench in Nemukata’s life. Nemukata’s antics have drawn the attention of the disciplinary committee, and she’ll now be under scrutiny for creating problems for others and dragging Yanaga with her. Yanaga, who bites utmost of the time, will have to deal with the disciplinary committee and their scrutiny, which may be due to his misconception and mean look.

Challenges for Yanaga and Nemukata

Nemukata’s antics have gotten her into trouble with the disciplinary committee, and Yanaga will have to face the consequences of his association with her. The disciplinary committee’s scrutiny will put their relationship to the test and will force them to deal with the challenges that come with it. Yanaga’s character as a mean-looking person and Nemukata’s training as a thief will only add to their problems, and they will have to find a way to overcome these challenges if they want their relationship to work.

The Antagonist’s part

The antagonist’s part in Dorobou- Chan Chapter 20 is expected to bring the story to life. The antagonist is expected to be an important character who’ll put Yanaga and Nemukata to the test. The readers are in for a treat as they will get to see how Yanaga and Nemukata handle the situation


Dorobou-Chan Chapter 20 promises to be an exciting and thrilling chapter that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. The chapter will see the forces’ involvement and the appearance of the story’s antagonist, making life difficult for Yanaga and Nemukata. Whether they will be able to overcome these obstacles and continue their relationship remains to be seen. The chapter is set to be released on February 10 and 11, 2023, and can be read on Pocket. Fans of the series cannot afford to miss this chapter, as it promises to be full of drama, action, and suspense.



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