The Doors of Stone Release Date Finally Confirmed? Or Is It Just Another Rumor

The final installment of The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Doors of Stone, by author Patrick Rothfuss finally got a release date. But sorry to say that it isn’t going to be coming this year. The final date of the publication of Doors of Stone is gonna be out soon. For now, the information about the tour dates regarding the occasional readings of Doors of Stone is available. It is implied that the dates will be merged with the release date of the book in specific cities.

Novels and movies based on mythical stories are quite popular in the world. In the past decade, everybody is concerned about this one book. The popular TV show Game of Thrones garnered huge popularity because we all like to see what we cannot achieve right? Besides that, the authentic Lord of the Rings is also there which has been idolized by the fans for so many years. And we also have The Hobbit and The Cornicles of Narnia in our hands.

Doors of Stone

The Background Story Of the Franchise

The series is divided into three books and is based on a mythical fantasy storyline. The writer of all three books is Patrick Rothfuss and the books are called the Kingkiller Chronicle altogether. The first and second installments are famous amongst fantasy lovers and they are waiting for over a decade now for the last and final installment to be published. The first book in the trilogy is entitled ‘The Name of the Wind’ the second one is entitled ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ and as we all are aware the third one was named ‘The Doors of Stone,’ back in 2017.

So, what’s the story about? In short, the plot develops around a character called Kvothe and the mythical world he lives in is called Temerant. He didn’t possess any special characteristics when he was born. But as he grew up with time, he learned many things and became the most fascinating sorcerer in the vicinity. The books are not about only fantasies, it also represents a certain class of people who grows their potential with time and catch up with the rest of society.

When It’ll Be Out?

As per the confirmed sources on Reddit, the anticipated release date of The Doors of Stone was the 8th of July 2022. So, all the fantasy-loving people around the world were eagerly waiting for it. but as we all know that that fateful release didn’t happen after all. The author Patrick Rothfuss has hinted the release of his book will take place soon, but no official date has been confirmed by him. As he is pinching the fans with hints for some time now, it is expected that the publication will happen in 2023.

However, in August 2022 another fellow author Mercedes Lackey who is quite active on Reddit wrote in a thread which was discussing which release will be closer to the end of the world. Some wrote about the release date of another highly anticipated book The Winds of Winter to be closer to it while some said that Bethesda’s next bug-free release is closer. Among these, someone wrote that Patrick Rothfuss’ upcoming book The Doors of Stone will be the nearest to release from the biblical end of the world. Responding to which Mercedes Lackey wrote:

Speaking as someone who shares a publisher I can confidently tell you it is at the editor and has a release date.

Seems like Lackey shares a publisher with Patrick Rothfuss which gives her insider knowledge about the publication of books of other authors publishing their books from the same publisher. We don’t know yet how much to believe but, fans are hopeful that the book will finally release in 2023.

Expected Spoilers

There is a book that may contain a series of funerals from this author. The author wrote, ‘Everyone dies,’ and it is important that death is done properly in the right place. This means that the last book in the trilogy will be very interesting and exciting when you will be able to read it.

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