Donda 2 not ELIGIBLE to feature on Billboard Charts, Here’s Why

We are here to bring the big update regarding Donda 2 as the big album has some other not-so-good features as to why it won’t be listed on the Billboard. Kanye West released Donda 2 after a long period of time and the fans have to wait a while in order to come across his new album whereas to mention that the title stood out as the most anticipated one at the time. Donda recieved a great response from the audience and a positive response from the critics too.

Mentioning the fact that the promotion of the album was also done through the time with big remarks and Kanye was also confident at the time that his new album would be going to hit the milestone in the industry but also to mention the part that things did not go as planned and so Donda 2 basically did not go ahead to hit the milestone.


Donda 2 might be brought down from the minor charts too

Moreover to mention the part that Donda 2 won’t be listed on the major charts and this could stand out as a big bummer for the personality as a lot of things were expected from the album and now the news finally hit that it won’t be listed on the major charts.

The other big reason to put attention to the part is that Donda is exclusively available on the West’s Stem Player and this is what the personality promised. The authorities of the Billboard Magazine also released their statement that due to the part that the album is exclusively available through the device and thus it is also the part where it is breaching ahead into the policy of Billboard charts merchandise bundle policy and so this is the reason why the album has been disqualified as it comes along with a merch.

Stem Player, on the other hand, has also stood out to be very famous over time but still, the magazine would be evolving around to cover more stories about it. Kanye also shared the part that he earned around $1.3 million in the period of 24 hours after the album Donda was dropped and thus it should be considered as another big achievement over the time.



Donda was released worldwide and recieved a good response whereas more songs were also added at the time which went on to receive a good response too but this is another situation that Kanye has to challenge and now that the album won’t be listed on the big charts including Billboard.

Whereas to mention that the fans are still predicting at the time that the album might be heading forward to make a big mark in the industry and it could be listed to the top 100 of the major charts once the particular requirements can be put ahead with the album and the fans believe that Kanye might be bringing upon more changes on it too.

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