Does James Franco’s sex addiction has anything to do with his link with Amber Heard? Let’s find out

James Franco last week made a public appearance and gave an interview where he told how he was a sex addict and how this sex addiction had started affecting him. He stated everything in an interview that his sex addiction was so much worse than his previous relationship and everyone he has ever been in the past he was unfaithful to them.

While James Franco was also accused of sleeping with his students and was acquitted of many sex misconducts. In the Interview, he opened about everything and why get was not coming in public as he was busy improving himself and how his current helped him through all this and how he accepted his mistakes and started working on them.

We will talk about how James Franco is connected to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp‘s libel case. Recent footage has been revealed and has been submitted in the court which tells that James Franco visited Amber Heard in 2016. As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard where they were living James Franco also use to live there but a few blocks away.

While he visited Amber Heard and this has the peaked interest of Johnny Depp lawyer who wants to ask James Franco questions about seeing any Sings of violence and any kind of marks on Amber Heard during his visit. James Franco has already been given notice by the court to appear in court and give his statement after several days when he gave an interview about sex addiction and how is he moving on from that phase.

While James Franco still has to write out what he did wrong to his students and he still has to appear in front of court many more times until he doesn’t do that the pile of his mistakes will burden him more and more. James Franco and Amber Heard met on the sets of The Adderall Diaries where they both become friends with each other and they use to be very close with each other.

While Recent footages show that James Franco use to visit Amber Heard and Amber Heard is also someone who uses people to advance her career and then forget about them. While Johnny Depp has accused Amber Heard of having sex with James Franco and he is not someone who has any problems with James Franco in this industry.

co and Amber Heard have some similarities to their using people how they want in the past and that could be another reason for James Franco sex addiction. While the truth is still not known and maybe it will come to the spotlight or not no one ever knows but slows some details are coming up and that just be a sign that more news will slow;y follow after James Franco hearing in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s case.

For now, James Franco is open to telling everything about his addiction so there is a possibility we can get to hear something related to Amber Heard.

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