Doctor Who Episode 299 Release Date and Where to Watch

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television program that has been broadcast by the BBC since 1963. The show follows a time-lord adventure named Doctor, an alien that looks like a human. Doctors explore space on a time travel spacecraft called the TARDIS. The appearance of the TARDIS is displayed as the blue British police box commonly seen in the United Kingdom in 1963 when the series first aired, Together with various companions, doctors work to fight enemies, save civilizations, and help those in need. Doctor Who is considered one of the remarkable TV series, receiving a lot of public attention not only in the UK and in other parts of the world including the US. Doctor Who Episode 299 titled ‘ Legend of the sea devils’ is all set to release this April.

What happened in the last episode?

On New Year’s Eve, Nick arrived at ELF Storage and dropped the Monopoly board. This is a nuisance to the owner Sarah. Meanwhile, Doctor, Yaz, and Dan try to reset the TARDIS to clean up the damage and anomalies caused by Flux, with the intention of spending time on the beach of another planet in the meantime. Instead, it is stored in ELF memory and causes a time warp. Nick eventually ends up in his storage unit, but when he leaves, he is extinct by Dalek, who kills Sarah and the crew of the TARDIS. Then, if the crew becomes suspicious of something strange, the loop will be reset. Together, you need to understand how to escape the complex before the time loop closes when Dalek hunts the doctor. Dalek’s firing squad builds and evolves tactics on a loop-by-loop basis. They come across many of the weird things that Sarah’s clerk Jeff keeps in the complex, including some firecrackers and boxes of high explosives. When the loop closes, the group moves unexpectedly, tricking Dalek into firing firecrackers, destroying the ELF facility and Dalek, and facilitating the doctor’s escape. After they survive the time warp, they see the next fireworks.

What to expect from Doctor Who Episode 299?

Doctor Who Episode 299 titled ‘Legend of the sea devils’ is expected with more fiction. In the synopsis, it is given that In a special adventure of swashbuckler, Doctor, Yaz, and Dan confront one of Doctor’s oldest enemies, the Devil of the Sea. Why is the legendary pirate queen Madam Chin looking for a lost treasure? What terrifying power lies under the sea in the 19th century? And did Yaz Dan really have to dress up as a pirate?

Doctor Who Current Cast

The fans will get to watch  Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan, John Bishop as Dan Lewis, Crystal Yu as Madam Ching, Arthur Lee as Ji-hun, and Marlowe Chan-Reeves as Ying Ki.

When and where to watch Doctor Who Episode 299?

Doctor Who Episode 299 ‘Legend of the sea devils’  is written by Chris Chibnall and Ella Road and is directed by Haolu Wang. The episode is all set to release on April 17, 2022, on the BBC channel.

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