Did we just get a Werewolf by Night TEASE in the Latest Moon Knight Trailer?

The Moon Knight trailer was released last night. The trailer is getting a good response from fans. But there is something special about the Moon Knight Trailer. The trailer teased a possible crossover with Werewolf by Night. Let’s read more details about the trailer release in this article. 

The Moon Knight Trailer was released during the halftime break of the NFL Super Wild Card game. The trailer reveals the character of Marc Spector. He has sleeping problems and he works in a museum. It is also revealed in the trailer that he is suffering from a sleeping disorder so badly that he is not able to differentiate between dreams and reality. More details are revealed in the trailer. The villain of the movie is unknown. Lastly, it is revealed that Steven Grant is the Moon Knight. At the end of the trailer, Moon Knight is seen beating an enemy. The character looks like a wolf. It is speculated that this wolf-like creature is a Werewolf by Night. However, Marvel Studios has not yet confirmed this news.

After the release of the trailer, fans are excited about the series. The trailer got an overwhelming response from the audience. Many fans shared their views on social media sites about the trailer. Everyone is looking forward to watching the series. Moon Knight is a new superhero going to add up in the Marvel superheroes list. This superhero is a bit different. The Moon Knight will not fight with enemies as his fight is with his own problems. This is the newest addition in the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone is excited to see the powers of this newest superhero in the town. The trailer of the series was released on January 17, 2022, just after a few days after the official poster release.

The cast of the series Moon Knight includes Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight and Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow. Ethan is playing the role of the main antagonist in the series. Another character like Midnight Man is portrayed by Gaspard Ulliel. Other cast members are yet to be disclosed. It is being said that the series will have six episodes and their duration will be approximately 40-50 minutes. The series is created by Jeremy Slater. Moon Knight is based on a Marvel Comics character. The series will premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

According to Marvel Comics, Moon Knight is an alter ego of Marc Spector. He becomes a superhero after he comes in contact with the Egyptian Moon God Khonsu. The antagonist in the series Ethan Hawke tells Marc that there is chaos in his mind. In an interview, Hawke shared that his character in the series is somewhat inspired by David Koresh who was a cult leader. However, Marvel Studios has not disclosed many details about his character. It looks like the franchise does not want to give many clues about the newest superhero.

After the trailer release, the anticipation among fans has increased. Everyone is excited about the new superhero series. It looks like the Werewolf crossover hint has also heated up the excitement. Let’s hope that we get to see this possible crossover as Marvel Studios never disappoint their fans.


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