Demon Slayer Season 3 Renewal and Release Date Updates 2022

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has certainly made a big mark in the anime world and the main focus of the audience stays on Demon Slayer Season 3 and what story it may cover ahead.

Demon Slayer’s third season has caught the attention of all anime fans but the big question comes up on when the show will be able to able to make its comeback at the time. There are big predictions being set over by anime fans that the new installment of the show will be announced in the Jump Festa and this is what everyone has been waiting for.

The Jump Festa on the other hand comes in as a major event with the convention specifically focusing on the major titles brought upon by the Shonen Franchises along with the other titles brought upon by Manga. Hints have already been given that this year’s event shall be covering Demon Slayer Season 3 and moreover the Swordsmith Village Arc which will be covered in the title.

Demon Slayer Season 3 is expected to release soon

The news has also been out that the panel of Demon Slayer in the Jump Festa event shall be consisting of Kana Hanazawa, who is known to be the voice actor of the Love Hashira Mitsuri along with Kengo Kawanishi, who shall be out in attendance of the event and it is clear that there might be plenty of news to cover from at the time.

The viewers are concerned about the release date of the new season and nothing has been given so far by the authorities there are big predictions set that Demon Slayer Season 3 will be released in the mid of 2023 and moreover it could make a Spring release considering over the release dates of the previous seasons.

There is word out that the creators have been consistent with working on their project and the new teaser has been out and giving hints that the production work has been moving along smoothly. Demon Slayer Season 3 trailer has also been dropped but it mostly gives the recap scenes from the previous seasons however there have also been some new glimpses such as it portraying how Love and Mist Hashira comes out in a separate reel while it is also shown that the new sword is currently being crafted by Swordsmith Village and this is an interesting part to cover.

Season 3 of the Demon Slayer is basically the Swordsmith Arc which covers the chapters from 100-127 of the manga and though Entertainment District Arc somewhat covered the same range of arc which was from 70-99 and the best guess is being made that it will be a 12 episode season at it’s best.

Some of the major story predictions have been made such as Tanjiro will be seen heading over to the Swordsmith Village in order to get a new weapon and though the village is known to be the home of the weapon it has not been made straightforward to this day with the plot and especially the storyline that will be bringing upon Love and Mist Hashiras and there are big chances that the title will also be portraying Upper-Rank Demon or Two.

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Season 3 to cover Swordsmith Village Arc

The District Entertainment Arc also gave a big hint on the path to the new season as Tengen is off the board but known to be still alive and kicking at the time too. He opened up to Iguro that the most likely replacement of Hashira should be Tanjiro and this is another big surprise coming in for the third season.

It is certain that Demon Slayer Season 3 may strike once again with a big plot now, especially when there have been some new looks given on the Swordsmith Village Arc and so this is making the fans even more curious to know more about how the title will make the plot introduced as a breakthrough. It is yet to see how the title may turn out to be more interesting and as the authorities will be dropping over more information on the new season.

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