Dead to Me Season 3 Release Date, Renewal and Watch Online

Dead To Me can confuse you! Like, who will think after looking at ‘Dead’ in the title that it is one of the most popular comedy series on Netflix? The series has a fabulous rating of 8/10 on IMDb with 90% rotten tomatoes and has aired its previous season in May 2020. Since then, the wait appears to be extended till infinity as the show is not going to have its traditional May month release. In this article, we shall discuss Dead to Me Season 3.

The show features TV Veterans Christina Applegate and Ed Asner to depict the dark comedy and funny sides of grief, loss, and forgiveness. Dead To Me Season 3 was supposed to go on floors in May 2020 but thanks to the Covid pandemic, the team had to stop filming and production until May 2021. Even after one year of delay, the show faced more delays and it failed to complete in time.

Dead to Me Season 3 is officially announced by Netflix to be the last season of this series that has a Fall 2022 release. Let us give you rewind to this Emmy-nominated comedy and also help you with all the details available about Dead To Me Season 3.

Dead to Me Season 3

The ‘Hilarious’ Premise of Dead To Me and Story Till Season 2

After the recent death of her husband in a hit-and-run case, the saddened widow takes no time in gathering the determination to solve this crime. Judy, a highly optimistic human has also suffered a recent tragedy for herself. Both the ladies share dramatically opposite characteristics but become friends after meeting at a support group. The new budding friends share their views on “The Facts of Life” while having several bottles of wine. Judy has a dark truth, specifically a secret, that needs to be shielded from Jen or else it will destroy her life forever.

By the end of Season 1, Jen realizes that it was Judy who was behind the wheels and is responsible for her husband Ted’s death. She was asked by her husband Steve to flee the scene but found a way into Jen’s life to make amends for her grief. We find Judy waiting to be hit by a car at the same spot as Ted’s accident. Steve confronts Jen meanwhile and is later found dead in the pool.

Judy survives the suicide attempt and is told by Jen that Steve died in self-defense by her. Season 2 revealed how it was Jen’s rage and she purposely killed him. Judy, unknown of the truth, helps her hide the body. At the end of season 3, we see Judy and Jen having a peaceful moment at a stop sign installed at Ted’s accident spot. They are encountered by a drunk driver who turns out to be Ben. All three of them survive but the fallout is yet to come in Dead To Me Season 3.

The Returning Cast of Season 3

The show has witnessed multiple deaths and uses the introduction of new characters to swiftly move the storyline. Created by Liz Feldman, the show has witnessed 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes. The cast that is going to return in Dead To Me Season 3 includes:

  • Christina Applegate as Jen Harding
  • Linda Cardellini as Judy Hale
  • Sam McCarthy as Charlie Harding
  • Luke Roessler as Henry Harding
  • James Marsden as Steve Wood
  • Max Jenkins as Christopher Doyle
  • Diana Maria Riva as Detective Ana Perez
  • Brandon Scott as Nick Prager
  • Turhan Troy Caylak as Dr. Kaan Abaci

Official Trailer & Release Date of Dead to Me Season 3

The show has a long way still to get a worldwide release and hence we have to wait for some weeks to get teaser trailers for Dead To Me Season 3. While many fans are recommending not to watch the trailers for the show as they can be full of spoilers and somewhat misleading. You can revisit the trailer of the second season linked below and refresh your memories about the show.

Unfortunately, Netflix is not helping with the cravings and excitement of fans. The showrunners are yet to announce a specific release date for Dead To Me Season 3. The show can have an early Fall release, many are guessing it to be in September. If that is the case, an official announcement can come anytime in this month. The show is supposedly ready to premiere and is waiting for the right time to release.

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