DC is Trying Hard to FIRE and REPLACE Henry Cavill as Superman But Fans are Not Letting Them

Zack Synder is obviously not a part of DC anymore! Despite Zack being removed, Warner Bros have continued to cast many of the earlier characters in its further superheroes movie! But a shocking rumor is going on in the industry. Looks like DC Warner Bros are soon going to get rid of Henry Cavill! They clearly want to replace him. But will it be that easy for Warner Bros? Definitely not, fans won’t let that happen! Stay tuned with us to know it all, just right here!

The Innate Bond Of Superman And Cavill!

Well, when it comes to the role of Superman, only one name comes to our mind, that is none other than, our favorite, the very handsome, Henry Cavill! No one can expertise this role, except him. He himself thinks the role now has become a part of him. He too feels like there is a lot more left in the Superman tale. Not only that, but he has also said that openly that if given a chance, he would love to be in the shoes of Superman again! But will DC let that happen?

Currently, fans are waiting to see and know all about the Black Superman. But they have one more demand too! They want to see Henry Cavill in the next Superman movie! According to the fans, no one can play the role better than our very own, hot and charming, Henry Cavill!

Will DC Studios Really Remove Henry Cavill?

We already know Zack Synder’s Justice League has been separated from the DC franchise! Warner Bros didn’t quite like Synder’s approach towards the superhero character, Superman! Well till Zack Synder, it was quite digestible for the fans! But now DC is pursuing to remove Henry Cavill from the franchise! There is definitely an off-screen drama going on in the Warner Bros studios. They are trying every bit to get rid of Henry Cavill from the franchise. But as we know, over these few years, Henry Cavill has set his strong foot for the Superman role! Fans won’t let him go that easy!

DC studios think they want to bring a new side to the Superman tale and they are also considering getting a brand new Superman for the audience. But fans don’t really want to see a new Superman. Obviously, DC studio’s search for a new Superman is going on in high flame. But fans are still demanding Henry Cavill for the role. Unfortunately, DC studio’s decision stands to be still.

Well, now the wait is to see who will be the next new Superman? There are many candidates on the list. But the question is who can nail the role to perfection? We know Henry has already been removed from the studios as of now! But who knows what the future holds for us! There is still some hope left for Henry Cavill since fans’ demands also play a major part in this! For further updates and news on the latest DC and Marvel, movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here!

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