Dave Chappelle Attacked on-stage while performing in L.A. – Suspect Arrested by Police

The big news has been surfacing throughout as Dave Chappelle got attacked on stage recently and though it is making big headlines at the time. Dave Chappelle is a famous personality who is known throughout as a famous comedian and he has been the most successful one on the stage. Mentioning the part that the big situation took place recently and thus everyone is talking about it.

The matter has made big headlines and everyone is talking about it as the situation escalated and was also heated up over a period of time. Dave was on the stage for his usual performance on the stage and things were going smoothly at the time but things took a drastic turn for him as the 48-year-old was leaving the stage after the performance as a member from the audience stormed onto the stage whereas lunging on Dave and also tackling him onto the ground.

Dave Chappelle was not injured by any kind of move

The situation which took place at the time stood out to be unexpected and more investigation into the case is being done by Los Angeles Police Department. Chapelle on the other hand did not want the situation to ruin the event of the night and thought he wanted it to slip away in talks.

Dave Chappelle has been celebrating for a long period of time and he was on to it for a long period of time whereas the situation he came across stood out to be the most unexpected one at the time. The sources also reported over the time that the personality kept going with the show even though the situation took place and it was clear that he did not want the big night to be disturbed afterall and not be attending.

Moreover to mention that the situation did get the attention of the audience at the time but there has also been news that the authorities have arrested the suspect and more action will be taken against him at the time. Furthermore, the situation which took place at the time was not any kind of other threat and was just normal misbehavior from the member of the audience.

Chappelle was also not injured and was totally fine when he was checked in by everyone but to mention that the audience got worried at the time to what went ahead with him at the time. The big situation took place, especially after what took place at the event of Oscars when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the big night of occasion. The other news has been reported by the authorities that no felony charge will be put through on the person who tackled the personality whereas more news will be given by the authorities in time as the investigation will proceed ahead with other big motives from the person.

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