Dark Deception Chapter 5 Release Date; Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

The genre of horrors is interesting with its origins, including in online games, expanding into all kinds of entertainment. After numerous gamers such as Amnesia and Silent Hill began playing on their channels, this online gaming genre truly began. And we’ve got lots of new video games for horror. Dark Deception is a game of such kind.

There has been a good amount of time since the publication of a decent horror video game; video game manufacturers anticipate that the release date of Dark Deception Chapter 5 was shortly published. Still, for the real enthusiasts of scary video games, we have certain news ahead.

The first Dark Deception Chapter was introduced in September 2018. It was produced on Unreal Engine 4 completely. We got periodically updated information and fresh parts to see. We have been given the 4th part in September 2021, the 2nd and 3rd chapters, in 2019 (a few months apart). The coronavirus pandemic is the reason for the hiatus between the 3rd and the 4th part. With chapter 4 coming and speedrunners staying free of charge, it is time to talk about the release date of chapter 5.

Development of Dark Deception and plot.

Dark Deception is an independent horror game. It is created by Glowstick Entertainment and was launched in 2014 with the pre-alpha demo. In the demo, only one level could be played and gamers desired to get more. So, they launched a campaign for Kickstarter. In January 2015, Dark Deception’s alpha demo was launched on 2 levels, promising to release the entire game by April of that year. But it was not released until late 2018.

In the game, you play as a selfish criminal defense lawyer, Doug Houser. He is at an altar or likes it is called in the game a Ballroom. A woman called Bierce welcomes him. She reveals to him that he should experience agony in several challenges if he wishes never to return to the land of them alive. We will next be presented at the several gates where soul shards have to be gathered. The task might seem straightforward but is not.  There is a group of experts during every stage that will attempt to block you. Furthermore, all these creatures have a leader called Malak, and who is the ring’s keeper, Riddle of Heaven.

Dark Deception Chapter 5 Format

The release date is not yet announced for Dark Deception Chapter 5. The firm or the creators themselves have not disclosed a preliminary release date for chapter 5. Vincent Livings did however tweeted, Chapter 5 is roughly 50% complete. Now, don’t be discouraged since we have some interesting information for you, about the next chapter on Dark Deception. Vince provided a survey on a new chapter’s releasing structure on his Twitter handle. The survey discussed the players would want the release of Chapter 5, Dark Deception. Would you want to publish a whole chapter or each level individually?

Certainly, it is wonderful to observe that the firm favors no outside group. In addition to the entire chapter, the level-by-level release would also occur. Fans and gamers believed there were only nine different levels, but since they receive an additional level 10 together with Part 2, this issue is certain, maybe not all, to scratch a few heads. Vince continuously teases the audience with what may unfold in chapter 5.

Dark Deception Chapter 5 Release Date

Dark Deception has no definite release date, although, during 2022, we may anticipate the fifth part of the game. Thus, approximately around February 2022 the predicted launch date might be, according to previous trends. The first section of chapter 5, Dark Deception, Level 9,10, and Level 11, 12, should be issued prior to the second section. On Twitter, Vincent Linings revealed that he now plans to provide the audience with fast releases of the game. Before prior estimates, both components are likely to be launched.

The game surely didn’t betray us till now, and we believe it won’t deceive us with Dark Deception Chapter 5. In chapter 4, though, level 8 has been for some a little bummer. It’s been extremely lengthy, yet nearly completely serene. We would not want the encounter to be that pleasant in the instance of Level 9 and 10. We only wish that the buzz it generated and our expectations are being met in Chapter 5.


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