Daniel Craig Wants Henry Cavill to Become the Next James Bond and Not Tom Hardy

Actor Daniel Craig wants Henry Cavill to be the next James Bond and not Tom Hardy this comes after when on Twitter everyone is fighting over who could be the next James Bond. Daniel Craig was the previous James bond and has given some major hits with that role. But the studio who is in charge of production has never anything about who possibly could be the next James Bond. So this leaves awaiting for the news who is next to James Bond. Until fans don’t get an answer they are fighting over Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy who is a much better choice to play the role of legendary Agent James Bond.

Both the actors have also shown their interest in playing the role of James Bond but when it comes down to popularity and their latest releases Tom Hardy takes the lead with Venom Let there be Carnage and Henry Cavil had had any releases yet but he is working on projects and Tom Hardy has the Venom factor with him that is only going to rise with more releases.

When it comes to previous James Bond actor Daniel Craig seems he has already someone in his mind and it is none other than Henry Cavil. This could be a turning point for Henry Cavill and he is just one more step closer to playing the role he wants to play and investing himself in it.

Let’s come to their roles Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy both are great but when it comes to their history of playing detective with high tech gadgets Henry Cavill has already done roles like that so he is one step closer to getting his role as James Bond for Tom Hardy no points because he never played any Agent role before.

Henry Cavill has become a household name when it comes to who should continue the franchise as the next 007. Cavill, who is famously known as Superman, is one of the leading contenders as he not only has the charm but has also played the role of an agent in Guy Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Not just that, Cavill came down to the final two options when Daniel Craig was hired as 007 for Casino Royale

we can soon expect to know who will be the next James Bond as an unknown project is already in the world which could be hinting that the studio has started to make a move on deciding who will be the next James Bond and soon everyone will know the next project could be released in 2023.

Till now we only have guesses and Twitter posts that are telling that Henry Cavill is best suited for this but there are people in the line like Tom Hardy and Edris Elba who are a good fit to play the role of the next James Bond. While some also believe there is going to be no one only Daniel Craig will do it again but that can be just a rumor and nothing solid about that rumor. As many stars want the role but only one person will get it.


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