Daniel Craig CHEATING on Rachel Weisz with Ana De Armas is TROUBLING for His Career, Rumor Breakdown

While Daniel Craig is no longer a part of the James Bond brand, he remains devoted to his partner Rachel Weisz, someone he has been hitched to since 2011. Daniel and Rachel had a really simple wedding back in the year 2011. Most lovers choose opulent sites, prepare detailed celebrity seating arrangements, and go completely out with everything from decorations to clothing, but the minimal wedding was the polar contrary. Fans haven’t seen any photos from the wedding, as you might expect, but we’re sure the stars looked stunning as always. No matter how simple was this wedding but their long-term relationship has proved as a milestone for all other Hollywood couples.

The actress revealed, in a discussion with ES Magazine, that she herself never believed that she would get married anytime. The couple has a daughter together, yet they choose to retain her out from the spotlight and have kept her name a secret. With their personal lives, the couple is fairly secretive. The couple initially met in the year 2010 while shooting for Dream House. Just a few months after they met the actress divorced from her husband, Darren Aronofsky with whom she also had a son. Daniel Crag who starred in the James Bond was formerly wedded to actress Fiona Loudon from the year 1992 till 1994. Ella, the couple’s daughter, was born in 1992.

The couple loved each other so much that even the James Bond star, Daniel who lived performing all the on-screen stunts himself has now decided not to perform difficult stunts due to his wife’s worries. Weisz was scared unwell, as per The Mirror, that Craig might permanently harm himself. According to a reliable source, the British actress, who is best known for her role in The Mummy in the year 1999, reportedly lost peace over Craig’s return to the boxing ring.

In the month of September in the year 2018, the star couple was blessed with their first child. Though the reports suggest that the star couple is leading a good life some sources reveal that there might be some tensions between the couple due to Ana De Armas. Let’s have a brief look into the details:

Daniel Crag and Ana De Armas worked together in films like Knives Out and No Time To Die. Daniel Craig is now enjoying the conclusion of his ten-year tenure as 007 in the James Bond blockbuster series. He is accompanied by actress Ana de Armas, who is the current Bond girl, on his final tour. After the release of No Time To Die, fans noted an outgrowing friendship between them. Firstly the actress denied the offer of working with Daniel in Knives Out. However, after going through the script thoroughly, she was ready to do the movie.

In the forthcoming 25th James bond movie, superstar Daniel Craig has Ana de Armas as his romantic lead. Nevertheless, there are no official reports of the alleged affair between Daniel Crag and Ana De Armas. These rumors would have no effect on the beautiful relationship between Daniel and Rachel.


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