Creed 3 in the Works CONFIRMED by Michael B Jordan set photos


The production works for the upcoming movie Creed 3 have finally started in Atlanta, Georgia. The preliminary photos of the shooting have been released on the internet. We can see in the pictures that Michael B. Jordan is back to the action in his jumpsuit and preparing himself for the ring. Following the path of Sylvester Stallone, who is known for creating multiple franchises, Michael B. Jordan will also be seen doing what he does the best behind and in front of the camera. Yes…  we will be seeing Michael B. Jordan as the directorial body as well as the actor in the upcoming movie Creed 3. This particular movie will be the first one that is directed by Michael B. Jordan himself, substituting the previous directors of the franchise Ryan Coogler (Creed) and Steven Caple Jr. (Creed 2).

What Is Jordan Saying About His Directorial Debut?

Earlier, Michael B. Jordan mentioned in an interview which was organized by The Late Show, regarding his first appearance as a director that he just thought that this was one of many things where he felt really comfortable. He also added that he knew that it is going to be a risky job but he is too excited to start working behind the camera. But from the previous 2 movies, he, at last, got some of his own opinion and a story that he would like to tell everybody, present the idea he has inside of his head. “I called Ryan for his suggestion and he was like ‘Yeah, you’re ready for this.’” He concluded. When he was asked if the filmmaker of Creed and Black Panther has provided him with any useful advice, Jordan gave his answer with a Yes.

He exclaimed that he received a lot of advice from his superiors, preparations, figuring out his shotlist, getting an artist for his storyboard, starting to board the shots, where he is gonna put the actors, and basically everything he needs to know.

Creed 3 and Sylvester Stallone

Earlier, Jordan revealed in an interview with IGN, regarding the absence of the lead actor Sylvester Stallone, that he thinks that Sylvester wanted everybody to know that he wasn’t going to return to the franchise from this upcoming movie Creed 3. But on the other hand, he thinks that for this movie, his spirit and his essence… there will always be a small part of the Rocky inside of the Adonis. But as we all know it’s hard to imagine the Creed franchise without Sylvester Stallone. So Michael B Jordan really wants to move the story forward which will revolve around Sylvester. He will be always remembered with love and loads of respect for what he has done with the franchise, what he has built. But ready or not, we all want to move along and find out more about the voyage of Adonis and the team that he built. Michael B. Jordan asked for the love and understanding of the audience for what he is going to make. He thinks that it is going to be something that will be praiseworthy and special. the upcoming movie Creed 3 is currently scheduled to e released on the big screens on 23rd November of 2022.

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