Could We See Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova Facing Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye?


What was the last MCU movie you saw? Shang- chi? Before that? Yeah…. Black Widow. Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbois like us will always remember this particular movie as the solo venture of somebody we will never see again in the team Avengers (ahh… I feel nostalgic now). So aside from the main character which was obviously Black Widow, which assisting role did make your eyes peeled? Yelena Belova? Now, what about we say that Yelena Belova (Played by Florence Pugh) is going to appear again on our screens? Why? Because Hawkeye is coming soon!

Yeah… you heard it right. Florence Pugh who acted as Yelena Belova in Black Widow is most probably gonna reprise her role in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe series Hawkeye. Now you’re asking yourself… then why didn’t she appear in the first official trailer of the series? The fourth live-action series of Disney+ and MCU joint venture and the fifth series of this partnership overall, Hawkeye will entertain us with the solo story of the legendary Marvel archer Clint Barton or also known as ‘Hawkeye.’ The scheduled premiere date of Hawkeye is set on 24th November this year. The series will feature Florence Pugh along with Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld AKA Kate Bishop (again Hawkeye but female version), Vera Farmiga (Eleanor Bishop), and Alaqua Cox (Echo).

Those who have already watched the trailer can pretty much sum up what the series will be about. For those who haven’t yet, Hawkeye throws away the comfort of his retired life to stop an arcane vigilante who is supposedly using the name of Ronin to proceed with his wrongdoings. The identity of that vigilante is Kate Bishop. Then the two archers ultimately go on a horrendous Christmas voyage. The trailer consists of a lot of actions, car rush and what not? But throughout the whole trailer, nobody who looks like Yelena Belova turns up.

What’s Gonna Be The Role Of Yelena In Hawkeye

Our common sense tells us that the director is saving Yelena for a surprise appearance for the trailers which will come afterward or for the series itself. According to her character development which was shown at the end of Black Widow, she will be continuing her hunt for Hawkeye because Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), convinced her to believe that Clint is the one responsible for the death of Natasha, which means the story of Yelena will be more like a side-quest in the upcoming series Hawkeye which will be connecting this character with the rest of the fourth Phase of MCU.

Will Yelena Fight Clint In Hawkeye?

It’s kinda obvious that Yelena won’t be sticking to her plans of killing Hawkeye after she finds out what actually happened in Vormir. So, it’s kinda settled that although Yelena will be facing Hawkeye as her enemy, this conflict won’t last. But as Valentina gets to be the new bad guy of this franchise, their conflict won’t be fully cleared in this season as well! So, although the new trailer doesn’t reveal the existence of Yelena, she’s surely gonna be one of the most breathtaking compositions in Hawkeye.

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