Collectors Can Now Get Their Hands On Cool Among Us Stuff As Among Us Physical Ed Gets Announced For PC

Limited Run Games a company known for producing exclusively digital-physical versions, will have one for us. A redeemable code for the steam and epic games store is included in the physical version. There are also several interesting things for collectors, including a steel case that ironically doesn’t contain the game DVD.

The physical edition among us is filled with many cool things. The digital code for Steam and Epical Games Store is included with an ID Card for one of the crewmates. Nevertheless, the kit contains a Stahl Book and a Jewel Case even though a physical copy does not exist.

The Jewel Case contains a music disc, and the Concept Art & Interviews Disk contains the Steelbook.  A reversible 18′′ x 24′′ folder with minimalistic game artwork will also be included.

However, the Emergency Button is the most thrilling collector’s piece. It is located on the top of the Among Us Edition Box of the collector. You can push it like in real life and play the now-classic sound of the emergency meeting.

The addition is cool, but it certainly helped to increase the price. The Among Us Collector’s Edition Box is available at the price of $79.99, a little too high given that the game is normally only available for $5. Nevertheless, game fans will capture this to show their mates. If you are interested, please visit the website of Limited Run Games.

It should be noted, however, that a physical copy of the game is not in the pack. The digital codes players can use at the Epic Games Store and Steam instead. Some fans don’t like this, given that Innersloth’s Limited Run Games partner is specialized in the physical supply of digital copies.

There is no news about the availability of Among Us PC Collector’s Edition outside its six-week pre-order window. In-stock products and restocking of old products from time to time are offered by Limited Run Games. As this is a Collector’s Edition, however, only in limited quantities is possible.

Join your teammates in a teamwork and betrayal multiplayer game! Play with 4-10 players online or over local WIFIs, trying to keep your spaceship intact and to return to civilization. But be careful as an alien tax collector might be on board! A parasite shapeshifter has replaced one crew-crew. Their objective is to remove the remaining crew until the boat gets home.

The ship is sabotaged by the impostor, winds up, deceives, and frames others to remain anonymous and kill the crews. Nobody is able to talk about anonymity while everyone is repairing the boats. The remaining crew will publicly discuss who they consider The Impostor to be until they report a body.

The target of the tax collector is to claim to be a crew member. If the impostor is not rejected, all people return to the ship until they are found with another entity. The crew wins in Us if the impostor is rejected!

PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices are available for this game. Sony PlayStation 4 and PS5 will soon be announced. This release is provided with cosmetics on the subject of “Ratchet & Clank.”

What are your thoughts on the physical Limited Run Games Collector’s Edition? Are you eager to make a pre-order? In the comments, let us know.


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