Clickbait Season 2 – When Will It Release? Is It Renewed Yet? Everything To Know

Currently, the show-stealer series namely, Clickbait which was released a few days back on Netflix has gained huge popularity among the audience. According to our reports, the money earned out of this particular drama series goes to a very noble cause to an organization named, Black Mirror, particularly for the BEWARE TECHNOLOGY department. The first season ended and now people are waiting to know about the second one. Stay tuned to know it all, just here!

Get Preview Of Season 1 of Clickbait, Just Here!

In the first season of Clickbait, we saw Nick Brewer suddenly disappears from the grounds of the earth. Before disappearing, he made a post on the internet that reads as “I ABUSE WOMEN”. Soon after he missing,  the police and his family start to search for him. They want to know what exactly happens. With plenty of twists and turns, including tales around kidnapping, murder, and other drama, this drama series will give you a shiver. If you still haven’t watched the first season, then you should definitely see it right now. It is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

When Will Clickbait Season 2 Release?

Clickbait has been tagged under the limited-series category, meaning there won’t be many reasons for the show. But mostly if a show earns huge popularity and if the production team knows for sure there is profit in another season, then the team comes up with a renewal season. There still haven’t been any updates or news on Clickbait Season 2. But we all know the first season of the show has blown of minds and people are demanding more. Thus there is a strong chance of Netflix to give greenlit to Clickbait season 2. If that happens then a new season of Clickbait might be around somewhere next year in 2022.

What Can Be The Predictable Plot For Clickbait Season Two?

The main creator of Clickbait season 1, namely, the very talented, Tony Ayers recently in an exclusive interview told us that he has some really interesting ideas in thought for season 2. He thinks there is still a lot of scope and story left to be told in season 2 of Clickbait.

The show is all about an intense sense of humor and a strong storyline. Clickbait season 2 if launched will definitely give a more thorough look about living to the audience. With suspense and mystery, the whole tale will surely take all of us on a new journey of the story. The story will become more and more complex and jumbled up. There will be more segments added to the story.

In the last season Of Clickbait, the ending of the series showed us that Nick had been killed for sure, so we know the character will not be returning for the new season. We also got to know the main culprit was Dawn and her husband Ed who eventually killed Nick. Thus this part of the story has been completed. The new season will definitely come up with a new story and mystery on the line.

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