Chris Hemsworth in MARRIAGE TROUBLES with Elsa Pataky after RELATIONSHIP RUMORS with Brie Larson

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky have been married for more than a decade now the couple share a beautiful relationship and they are the ones who are supporting each other in their tough times. The couple has 2 daughters and 1 boy. Named India Rose Hemsworth, Tristan Hemsworth and Sasha Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth is a beautiful and handsome person. He has been throughout his career, has been linked with several actresses. But recently there is a rumor going on that Chris Hemsworth and his wife are not even on speaking terms and that their marriage is in trouble stage and they are looking to make it work out but it Is on a thin line.

So far the couple has denied every kind of rumor that they are not together or they are looking for a divorce or they are facing some kind of issues in the marriage. The couple is very happy and they have denied all kinds of rumors. Lastly, they were seen enjoying some private time to work together and get away from their busy lives.

While Chris Hemsworth is currently busy shooting for his next movie in the Thor franchise that is named Thor Love and Thunder. While he has been shooting for his current movie, he has also been linked in previous remarks that he has been secretly dating Brie Larson. Who plays the role of Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame.

Though they both met at the sets of Avengers endgame from that day time, they have been quietly having become best friends with each other and also has interrupted several interviews where they have admired the love for each other they have. But that is all work-related and nothing else much more.

Well, Brie Larson plays Captain Marvel’s role. She is also shooting for her next movie. But as the current reports suggest, she will not be part of Captain Marvel’s second movie as she has different political views and because of that, she is fired from the Captain Marvel franchise. There could be a possibility that we will no longer see Brie Larson as capital Marvel in future Marvel movies.

While it is pretty normal to feel jealous when your husband is Chris Hemsworth. But his wife has never shown any concern about other people or other actresses that she thinks are not good for him. She has been his continuous support and she doesn’t think that he will be doing something that will trouble their marriage. But the current reports suggest that Brie Larson and Chris Hemsworth are nothing but Co-stars.

You can watch this video for more details.

As of now, Chris Hemsworth and his wife are currently happy with each other and enjoying every bit of their relationship, and giving major relationship goals to everybody. From their relationship.

We will tell you more details about this when we have something.


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