Chris Evans and Selena Gomez MARRIAGE DATE LEAKED by Fans, Here’s What the Actors think about this

Do we have another grand wedding in the industry? Is Chris Evans marrying the singing sensation of the world, Selena Gomez? Well, fans would love to see them together! But are the rumors really true? I’m sure the two looks adorable together. But do they too think the same? I know there are so many questions in your mind right now. So let’s not delay any further, and jump straight into the conversation of the day.

Chris Evans And Selena Gomez Are Dating Each Other?

Is Chris Evans and Selena Gomez really dating each other? I know currently, you all want to know the answer to this particular question. As of now, the stars haven’t really confirmed this. But the crowd out there, definitely wants to see these two together. It has been 5 years now and Selena Gomez’s relationship status stands single. The last time we have seen her was with Justin Bieber. Ever since then, she has never been in love again.

Moreover, on the other hand, we don’t think there is any other better catch for her, other than our very own, smart and handsome, Captain America. We haven’t really spotted them together that much. But whenever we have seen them in a photo, they always stand out for us. Well, you might be thinking these are all just made-up stories. But guess what, not only us, but Selena Gomez to finds Chris Evans really cute!

Selena Gomez Thinks Chris Evans Is Really Cute!

Few years back, Selena Gomes was asked about her celebrity crush! And guess what the singing sensation of the world took the name of the Marvel superhero, Chris Evans. She finds him really cute! Well, the story doesn’t really end here. Recently Selena have been spotted wearing an off-white sweater, in one of her random videos with Taylor Swift. The surprising part is a long time back, Chris Evans was also seen in the same sweater! This particular thing has given fire to the rumors out there.

But we also cannot overlook the fact that Selena has a very different perspective towards love. She has been single all these years. And in some recent interviews, when she was asked about love, she has clearly denied all the dating rumors out there. She is most probably not dating Chris Evans!

Who Is Chris Evans Currently Dating?

Well a few months back, we heard Chris Evans was in a relationship. But guess what now our very handsome, Captain America is single. Currently, the star is not really involved with anyone. Just like our sensational singer, Selena Gomez, our Marvel star, Chris Evans, too happens to be single. Looks like fortune wants them to be in a relationship. Well, just like Selena, Chris too has been silent on all these rumors out there. So are the two really in a relationship? Will we see the two getting married? Well, until we hear their wedding bells, stay connected with us, to know more of the latest celebrity gossips out there, just right here.

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