Charlie Kirk SUPPORTS KILLING of his Political Opponents in Rally


The founder of the orthodox group of students, ‘Turning Point USA,’ Charlie Kirk has slandered a question, inquired by a person from his listeners over when republicans have to use firearms and kill those people over wrong election trickery case.

Charlie Kirk, a contributor of Newsweek, was accepting queries at Boise State University in Idaho as a section of his ‘Exposing Critical Racism’ journey when a guy gave him a warning beforehand about his question, he wanted to ask which can be a bit of something uncommon and that he should make himself mentally ready before publicly calling for the elimination of democrats.

What Kind Of Question Did He face?

The person asked kirk about the time when people should fire those who snatched the election of 2020, grabbing the alleged ‘Big Lie’ that Joe Biden won and Donald Trump lost to him because of so-called cheating in the voting process. These wrong claims are still being spread by Donald Trump and his followers, which includes Charlie Kirk also. Although not any kind of proof that supports his claim has been found for almost one whole year since the voting ended, the rumors are still fresh.

The person said that at the present time, we’re dwelling inside an environment of corporate and medical fascism, which is total autocracy. He “When do we get the guns?” he asked. His opinion received cheering and applause from the audience.

While answering this, Kirk spontaneously slandered the comments and urged those who applauded the opinion to stop.

What Was His Response?

Kirk said that from this moment he is going to condemn that and he would tell them why. Because they’re following all their plans accordingly, and they’re trying to force them to do that.

“They are trying to provoke you, and everyone here, they are trying to make you do something that will be violent that will justify a takeover of your freedoms and liberties, the likes of which we have never seen,” he added.

Carlie Kirk continues and suggests that, as the number of conservatives in Idaho is much more than Liberals which outnumbers them in eight to one ratio, that they should utilize the manpower in a peaceful way through local administration and city council if they want to acquire state jurisdiction and put a fight with the democrats.

Just before the particular question of whether the common people should be killed for the sake of the election, Kirk responded to a question from someone who questioned if there was any cheating in the voting system, why so many cases are trying to prove their innocence, including some by the judges appointed by Trump.

In response, Kirk described many cases as “poorly described” and “submitted at the last moment.” He continued thoroughly to point out the link between the epidemic caused by COVID-19 and the so-called cheating in the election system if it exists while saying that the turnout in Arizona could still be proven invalid even though recent polls show no proof of widespread voter fraud.

Kirk has been contacted for more detailed comments.

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