Charlie Cox, Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield CONFIRMED in Spiderman 3 in MAJOR LEAK


Well… just the name of Spider-Man makes us feel nostalgic from every angle. And with the rumors about the new Spider-Man movie ‘Spider-Man No Way Home,’ our expectations of this movie increase exponentially. The upcoming movie is going to be considered as a melting pot for all three Spider-Man universes as most of the mention-worthy characters are confirmed or rumored to be present in the movie.
with so many characters from all three universes, being considered as the allies of mortal enemies of our Peter Parker, it’s kinda tough to decode who will be present and who will not be. But the trailer has revealed the faces of some characters and for others, we can’t help but assume.

So, let’s divide the characters into two divisions as one in the confirmed characters and another in the rumored characters.

Confirmed Characters:

Now, coming to the best part… let’s jump into the characters that are rumored to be present in the movie. The recent leak of the movie suggests that the following characters are surely gonna participate in the movie.

  • Spider-man (Tobey Maguire)
    So… as far as we know, the characters that are gonna be revived from Raimi-verse is not limited to Doctor Octavius but it also gonna include the hero of our childhood Toby Maguire Also known as Spider-Man, as the crossover between the two universes has been asked by the fans for a while now. So, this movie gonna be the perfect melting pot for two universes to merge.
  • Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield)
    The 2nd Spider-Man we all are familiar with when we got a bit older, is the Amazing one. Means, Andrew Garfield. As this prominent figure of Spider-Man didn’t get a chance of making a trilogy like the other Spider-Man personalities, this movie is gonna be a proper chance for him to shine again in his old Spidey Role.
  • Daredevil (Charlie Cox)
    Other than all the characters, this one is a big one. Since the release of the daredevil series on Netflix, Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox has received tons of requests to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this particular movie is gonna be a better way for him to come across the wallcrawler of our movie. The recent leak has made sure of his presence in the movie.
  • Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe)
    Another Genius from the universe of Sam Raimi Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe is getting a ton of rumors about its appearance.
  • Sandman (Thomas Haden Church)
    The name of Thomas Haden Church has also been dragged amid rumors that he may return as Sandman. The MCU already got a form of Sandman, although this was a hologram made by Mysterio. Could this make Raimi’s Sandman Different or not at the time?

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